Saab 9000 love in Portugal

They’re loving Saab 9000s everywhere!!

The Saab Club of Portugal is one of the clubs noted in the clubs register in the sidebar, and the guy who got them on there is Jose G – who grew up the son of a Saab mechanic and just happens to also be a 9000 owner.

His first 9000 was a 1992 model CS, which he did a little cosmetic work on while he had it. He added modified Viggen bumper, some wheels and the mesh treatment on the lowered rear skirt. Plans to work over the mechanicals were cut short by some issues with the car that forced him to sell.


Being without a Saab for a little while gave Jose some heartache, however, and one day at a track meet a friend told him about a 1993 model 9000CS that had come up for sale. It was in pretty poor condition, especially the interior, but machanically it’s been faultless since the day he got it.

It’s slowly getting a makeover, having been repainted and Jose’s fitted some imitation RS4 wheels and the clear repeaters you see here.

Looking good.

Any of you Portugese visitors that haven’t hooked up with them yet should check out the Saab Club of Portugal and start spreading the Saab lovin.

(Actually, you should all head over and check out the Galleria Tuning page – some wild cars and cgi’s there!)


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  1. Those RS4 knock off wheels don’t look too bad at all. Am i alone in thinking the 9000 hasn’t dated at all and it still looks bang up to date?

  2. No you are not. The one thing that gives it up is the dashboard (no fancy new gizmos), but other than I would say it looks very much up to date.

  3. I agree ( and it isn´t by owning an 9000 )…
    The car still pleaseant to see on the roads…

    The 18″ RS4 replicas on mine give him an up to date look… something that could be an optional for these cars ( 17″ or 18″ )…

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