Saab 9000 lovin – a story starts…

Continuing the month of 9000 lovin, this is Matt’s story, which as far as this car is concerned, is just beginning….


A quick question before I hand it over to Matt.

Are clear front repeaters legal for the 9000 in the US? It’s just my humble opinon, but I reckon this all-white offering would be nicely complimented with a reduction in the orange factor.

But I digress – Matt’s story:

Here’s my ’94 9000 Aero. I bought this sucker almost a month ago from a friend of mine. He got it from what I believe is the original owner, who used to drive it from Maine to Florida, so it’s 140K highway miles.

He thought the gearbox died, but the shift shaft came out, that’s all. He pawned it off on my friend for $400, and my friend fixed the shift shaft and sold it to me for $1,500.

I love this freaking car, although my girlfriend prefers her Toyota, but I’m working on that.
These photos are from the day I got it home, so it looks a little rougher than it is now.

I always gag when I hear the prices of some second-hand cars in the US.

US$1,500 for a 9000 Aero. You’d rarely find one for less that A$8,000 or so here in Australia, with really good ones well and truly into five figures.

Matt, we wish you well with your new Aero. Please make sure your girlfriend gets therapy for that Toyota thing. We’ll all be thinking of her.



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  1. True. When I see those prices I almost burst in tears. I just found a 9000 Aero that is 6000 EUR, so I guess I’ll have to wait and look for some more.

  2. Well, $1500 is unusually low – he got a real deal. Typically a 9000 Aero goes between $3000 and $5000 here, depending on age, mileage and condition.

  3. I’m actually in the process of purchasing a ’96 9000 aero. 85k miles, $8,500. It’s not a steal, by any means, especially considering shipping the car and plane tickets to go take a look :(:).

  4. Saaboy beat me to it….. I was gonna’ mention that clear “repeaters”/turn-signals are allowed in the US… I had them on my 93 Mustang before a horrible driver sent that car to heaven… and subsequently re-affirmed why I took high performance driving school over one summer.

  5. Hey, there she is.
    I managed to be blessed with a HUGE stroke of luck with this car. It was a cheap price, plus I started working at a Saab indy shop right after buying it.
    The wastegate actuator JUST died on me, so as soon as I pick up a new one, for free, thanks to a 9-2X Aero, she’ll be back to what she’s supposed to be and then some.

    I don’t have access to a dyno, but thanks to the higher flowing fuel injectors from a ’94 900S, and 11.5PSI of boost, I think it just might give me a nice, round 300ft/lbs of torque. Hopefully, anyways.

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