Saab 9000 video

The month of Saab 9000 lovin continues….

Here’s a video acquired and converted to digital by Ryan at Saabhistory.

It’s a look at the 9000 Model range from 1994 and covers the CDE, CS, CSE and Aero models of the car. It gives a great insight into Saab’s safety and environmental credentials, too. If you thought all this enviro-talk was just a recent thing, think again.

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  1. The 9000’s understatement is what makes it a giant killer, in my opinion.
    Honestly, any car that can go up against a high end German car, which is ten years newer no less, and flat out embarrass it in every aspect is a winner in my book.
    Come on, blowing away an Audi S4 that cost over ten times as much as your own, at HALF THROTTLE, is a fun time.

    That, and the 500+ miles to a tank of gas. WINNER!

  2. If I’m ever going to move to where I want to, I’ll need a newer car that can pass the emissions testing. A 9000 CSE or Aero is on the top of my list. I honestly think the 9000 is ever so slightly a better car than the C900.

  3. Interesting video.

    From the voiceover: “Saab has never changed models to make a statement, but only to make a better car. And it’s been this way for nearly 50 years.”

    Quite unlike now.

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