Saab 9000 – what you got for your badge.

Some more introductory stuff on the Saab 9000 to kick off the month of Saab 9000 love this April.

There were several different model designations for the Saab 9000 in the 1990’s. The following breaks down – in very general terms – what was standard equipment for each different badge type. Obviously, some of the standard equipment changed over the years.

In addition, some people will also have a 9000 that might have a piece of equipment that’s listed here as being for a higher-level model. Well, be thankful rather than posting a dispute in comments, please. There’s every chance your higher spec equipment may have been ordered as an option when the car was new.

This information has been reproduced from a Saab 9000 info section at Saab Central.


Saab 9000 CS/CD models


ABS anti lock braking system,
power steering,
drivers airbag,
passenger’s airbag (1995 onwards),
automatic front seatbelt tensioners,
headlamp wash /wipe,
colour keyed bumpers,
2-tone luxury velour upholstery,
heated Front seats,
Four head restraints,
illuminated dual vanity mirrors,
ventilation air filter,
electrically operated windows,
electrically operated/heated mirrors,
central locking,
tinted heat absorbing glass,
EDU instrument (outside temp, fuel consumption etc)
1 tachometer,
radio cassette,
front and rear speakers with electric aerial.


Saab 9000 CSE/CDE models


Equipment in addition to CS/CD:
light alloy wheels,
front fog lamps,
leather faced seats,
leather trimmed steering wheel,
leather gear lever knob and gaiter (manual only),
Automatic Climate Control .ACC,
Saab Audio System,
walnut veneer facia,
anti-theft alarm.


Saab 9000 Aero


Equipment in addition to CSE
2.3 turbo engine 225 hp (manual gearbox).
Sport chassis,
5×16” light alloy wheels,
colour keyed spoilers.
full leather upholstery with sports trim,
electrically adjustable front seats with memory on drivers side,
Cruise control, and
Saab Car Computer SCC.


Saab 9000 Griffin

Note, the Griffin appears to have had the Super Aero rims fitted in place of the multi-spoke wheels that were standard on the car.

Equipment in addition to CDE.
2.3 turbo engine,
automatic 4.speed transmission,
interior details in walnut veneer,
electrically adjustable front seats with memory on drivers side,
CD player,
Cruise control,
electric glass sunroof.

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  1. “2.3 turbo engine 225 hp (manual gearbox)”
    “full leather upholstery with sports trim”

    Ahhh, the finer things in life.

  2. It was the 9000 that first caught my eye towards Saab. A bloke around the corner from me when i was still in England had what i’m sure was badged as a Griffin. Beautiful very, very dark metallic green and coloured inserts between the tailights on the boot. Gorgeous

  3. Question;

    I have a 92 Saab 9000 that vin number shows its a “Griffin” Edition however its Manual and does not have a Plated number on the Passenger side airbag. According to the site are “all” griffins Automatic and if so unless someone switched gearbox I have a fake?? My saab strikingly resenbles the last saab on the web page with the “Griffin” badge. A little help identifying please. Thank u for your time. Good day!

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