Saab 9000CC lovin

This one’s a bit of a treat, actually. You Europeans may think I’m silly, but I always enjoy the chance to learn a little more about a model that we didn’t get here in the Australian market (nor in the US, IIRC).

This is a picture of Edward K’s previous car, a 1990 model Saab 9000 CC. He’s now replaced it with a 9-5.


The 9000CC was the predecessor to the 9000CS that we’re all more familiar with. It had the front of the 9000CD sedan, but the hatch from the previous generation 9000. Edward writes as follows:

Those wheels, 16″ super Aeros, aren’t standard on the 9000 CC, but I like them, which is why they’re under the car.

The CC-type was the 5 doors version of the CD type, which was built until the end of 1990 before the introduction of the 9000 CS. It is 80% as the 9000CS type, the only way it differed from the 9000 CS is what you see from the outside. The inside (interior and dashboard) is the same.

This one has the full leather electric chairs with memory, ACC, ABS, Airbag. It is the same model as the 9000i (only the 2.3 T engine in stead of the 2.0 ltr) and the 9000 CC type that made the speed record, the one’s standing in the museum.

If you look around in Sweden you’ll see a lot of these 9000 CC type’s still cruising around, no problem with them – as I always say: BEST Saab ever made, technically and quality. And it was a beast with the 2.3 T engine – almost as quick as an Aero with 200hp and a top speed of 240 km/hr.

I’m busy with the 5’th Saab at this moment but there will never come another Saab like this one, so multi functional and because of the 5th door the enormous space in the back if needed (1400 ltr) – almost the same space inside as the 9-5 kombi has.

The last Real Trollhattan Saab.


This is the unofficial month of Saab 9000 love, so if you’ve got a 9000 or you’ve previously had one, feel free email me your pictures and stories so I can share them around.

My thanks to Edward for this info on the 9000CC, a model I would have otherwise known very little about.

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  1. IMHO one of the best looking Saabs of recent times – combined the sharper CD nose with the practical (and by that stage lacking the hideous striped reflector panel). The CS always looked slightly hunched or truncated – this was a lovely balanced design.

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