Saab Car Club of Australia road trip

The Saab Car Club of Australia, of which I’ve been a proud member for some time now, had it’s biennial National event over the Easter period. Attendees gathered in South Australia’s Barossa Valley for some serious wine quaffing and general tomfoolery.

Neither I nor any of my fellow Tasmanian SCCA members made the trip due to that dastardly stretch of water that separates Tasmania from the rest of the country (and also the fact that we’re lazy arses) but that didn’t stop the mostly-Victorian crew from trekking across the drought afflicted countryside to sample some of the Barossa’s finest.

Meticulous 900 and 9-3 Aero owner, Steve Bunton, photographed the trip and has uploaded the images onto Flickr. I’ve reproduced a couple below, but the full slideshow is available here. Highly recommended viewing, especially for you Aussie Saabers.

South Australia is the only state in Australia without a formal branch of the car club in operation, so it was good to see a couple of SA registered cars there, including a nice 96 V4. I hope they get a branch of the club organised, up and running soon.




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  1. Me and Emma were planning on going but 2 weeks before the date we found out she’d be working until late on the thursday. Driving from Sydney to Adelaide through thursday night and good friday morning and day just wasn’t an option. I was really dissapointed not to be able to go. Next time i hope.

  2. The 9000s were so hot my 2nd favorite Saab after the 9-5. You can see where the 9-5 picked-up on the beauty of the 9000 and just sweetened it. I sure hope that the next 9-5 will continue that process.

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