Saab Communique from Sweden

From what I believe is an intranet posting at GM that was passed on to me via email, a message from Jan-Ake Jonsson, Managing Director of Saab Automobile:


Saab: Preparing for growth

Last year was a break-through year for Saab. We improved the focus on our brand, broke our European and global sales record, improved revenue and at the same time we continued to reduce structural costs.

We illustrated in a fascinating way where we want to take our brand and our products with the launch of the spectacular Saab Aero X concept car. The Saab 9-3 BioPower Hybrid and Saab BioPower 100 concept cars send the same clear message: “Saab is on the move”.

Successful brands must develop over time and we are doing just that with our key terms “Progressive Design,” “Sporty with Driver Focus” and “Responsible Performance.” For us, it’s all about staying one step ahead. Consumer values change, and for Saab’s customers, aware of today’s demands and responsibilities, the definition of the brand is particularly important. The unique customer demographic gives Saab a dream position in GM’s brand portfolio. One that will be preserved and strengthened through our cross functional team work in the Saab Brand Center.

As we venture into the future continued development of our brand, broadening our product portfolio and securing the highest levels of quality will be top priorities. At the same time we have to continue to work actively on strengthening our position in various markets.

We should also aim to capitalize on synergies within the global GM organization. If we do this in an intelligent way while continuing to build on what Saab is known for – its pioneer spirit and its courage to be different and innovative – I am convinced that Saab will play a significant role in GM’s growth.

I promise you that we will take advantage of our growing market segment and our position as GM’s premium European brand. I ask all of you to continue to support Saab as we prepare for growth while you take advantage of Saab’s unique position and innovative force. This is our joint obligation to our customers and business partners around the world.

Why don’t you come and see the Saab spirit come alive in Trollhättan, Sweden, on June 7-10. Join me and 30,000 other Saab enthusiasts when we celebrate our 60 years of innovation with the Saab festival.

Best regards,

Jan Åke Jonsson

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  1. Sounds good.

    Its an interesting read. If we start putting the pussle together. 1 year ago or so JAJ discussed future models in Teknikens varld. A few months ago Jay S showed pictures on the 9-4 on the US meeting. Not long ago I ready in TS that dealers in teh US had seen an actual model of the 9-4. We know about the 9-3, likely coming in June (needed) and combined with all this information is appears to me as if management fo SAAB is filled with confidence that the plan is great and that there is lots in pipeline, but that they of cause can not be too specific re what and when it will be out.

    Anyway, that is just my reflection….

  2. I mean, I’m not sure “dream” would be my choice of adjectives to describe the position of Saab in GM’s portfolio, but at least Jan-Ake stays positive!

  3. Saab “GM premium European brand?” I thought in GM parlance it was Cadillac. Or dit I smoke something I shouldn’t have?

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