Saab Ice Experience Review

I’ve categorised this entry under “Saab Goodies” as it’d have to be the ultimate Saab play event. The Saab Ice Experience, for any of you who aren’t familiar, is an event that Saab put on way up in northern Sweden.

From what I know, there’s several ways to get to the Ice Experience. The most common way is to purchase a car and option it up with the Ice Experience, which is available in some markets. I also know at least one couple that won the trip in a competition. I’d imagine there’s a few lucky invitees each year, too.

I’ve written about it before, with a bunch of photos from Robin M, who attended last year with his wife. A complete writeup with photos from the 2006 event is here.

This latest writeup is from and our writer, Jason Harper sums up a fair bit of the customer’s logic quite well:

Getting a killer, no-haggle deal on a desirable car is wonderful. Snagging the deal, plus getting a chance to bash somebody else’s car into snow banks as you careen around frozen lakes in the Arctic Circle is wonderful raised to a whole new level.

I’ll let you go and read the story for yourselves as it’s really great fun. This will be a definite consideration for me should I ever be fortunate enough to be in the position to buy new (and living in a place where it might be offered – not out of the question).

There’s a lot more to it than just driving around on the ice, too. A dogsled ride, a helicopter ride, the Ice Hotel and dinner, as well as a few hot (?) laps with either Per Eklund, or one of the guys from the Saab Performance Team, a few of whom regularly attend.

Saab USA have a gallery of small images from the 2007 Ice Experience on their website.

I’ll let Jason finish the story:

The half-day ends with a timed race. It’s a good-natured competition among the guests, yet at least one car pulls in bleeding anti-freeze and missing its front bumper. That night at the awards ceremony/dinner, the driver will be awarded the plastic bumper as a prize.


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