Saab Oz 60th models offers

Saab Australia had been very quiet about what it was doing for the 60th Anniversary of the brand. Finally there’s some news out there by way of the website.

Whilst other markets have offered specced up 60th Anniversary editions, Saab Australia have opted for a more low-key approach.


Saab Australia customers that pick up the 60th Anniversary offer get their Auto Transmission for free, three years scheduled servicing for free, and in what I believe is a first for Saab here in Australia – SatNav.

Not the built-in integrated type, but the portable type. I believe some dealers have been offering these as an aftermarket thing anyway, so I guess it’s just coming from the front office now.

The offers are here.

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  1. I noticed that they now have a loyalty bonus

    “Plus, if you’re trading in your current Saab, you can receive a bonus rebate direct from Saab – $2,000 for your Saab 9-3 or $4,000 for your 9-5”

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