Saab T-Shirts by Muz-X

I’ve been featuring T-shirts for sale here at Trollhattan Saab since early 2007. The guy who’s made a lot of that possible is Ivan, from Hungary. He comments here under the nom-de-blog of “Muz-X”.

Ivan’s a graphics whiz and he’s come up with a bunch of T-shirt designs of his own and has opened a Spreadshirt Shop of his own as well.

These are just the start. I’ve seen a few of the designs that will be coming soon and they’re sensational. He’s also working on a new one for me, too, which should be coming soon (think BBTH).

Check em out and don’t be afraid to get something new for Saab Festival this summer!


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  1. Don’t worry, Jacco, it’s just the first trial. 🙂
    I’ve prepared already 5 more (9-5 Sedan, 92 in 3 versions, C900 Convertible), and more coming soon, including 99.
    Any ideas are welcome, and I can make custom graphics by request.

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