Saab UK sales data – March 07

Sales data for the UK for March 2007 is in. We knew from a previous news glimpse at global sales that the news wouldn’t be good – and it isn’t.

Saab sold 4,447 vehicles in the UK during March 2007, which was a 15.79% fall from the 5,281 vehicles sold during the same month in 2006.

So far in 2007, Saab have sold 6,675 vehicles, which represents a fall of 14.05% from the 7,766 vehicles sold Jan-Mar 2006.


Theories as to the cause of the 2007 sales fall in the UK are welcome in comments, especially from UK dealers that might be visiting today. Feel free to be as anonymous as you like.

What’s working, what isn’t?

Are all the punters waiting for the new 9-3 later in the year?

Did those freaky green briefcases scare everyone?

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  1. i’m waiting on the 08s to see if i like new look over the 07s.

    any word on if the next MY will offer flexfuel? i’d like to keep this next one a while, and that option could be a big help a few years down the proverbial road.

  2. I wonder if it isn’t just the age of the current 9-3 when seen against new 3 series, V40 and 159 for the independent buyer? Also we have decent looking Passat and new Mondeo and C-class in the wings (at differnet ends of the 9-3 price range).

    MY08 on the horizon is a good thing, but needs to look ‘whole’ and not a nother botched, half-price lash-up facelift. Shame the interior and exterior upgrades couldn’t have been introduced together as this would have given more credence to any ‘new 9-3’ strap-line the Saab will lay claim to. My fear is that the MY08 will be referred to a facelift model (and depending on the finished prodcut, it could be more of a Joan Rivers than a Kim Basinger!)

  3. SAAB is on the downside of their model cycle. So are Mercedes and BMW but they seemed to keep sales level. Audi so far is out selling BMW this year and seem to be the best sellling premium brand which is interesting. BMW recovered and outsold Audi in March but going by my experience they are heavily discounting.

    However SAAB are outselling Jaguar, Lexus, Subaru and Alfa.

  4. It important to remember that there are a lot of aspects to Car Sales than just registrations. It’s more important to actually sell by demand than to register vehicles at dealer level to satisfy quaterly targets. What we are seeing in the UK now, is the start of an expect slight fall over last years figure. However globaly it is expected that other market areas will increase thier sales output to compensate.

  5. As someone who had been planning to buy a 9-3 this year, I’ll echo two of the comments already made:

    (1) The current 9-3 is old. Though the new interior has grown on me and I’m now a fan, it’s hard to pay a new car premium for a car that’s been out for this long, especially when it seems like less expensive cars are catching up to it and comparable models have moved ahead.

    (2) I’m waiting to see what the 2008 model will look like. If it’s great, it’ll be worth it to wait until the fall. If they pull a 9-5 on us and the car will look like a mediocre reskin (a shame that would be), I’ll likely sway away from the brand for a while.

    Considering both points above, it only makes sense for me and other potential buyers to wait to see the 2008.

  6. I think the record has to be put straight here on what ‘old’ means.
    A 5 year old car is not old. The BMW 5 series has just had a facelift yet you would be hard pushed to notice. This car is also not classed as ‘Old’
    When looking at 08MY over 07 you have to be aware that there is to be another 1.5% price increase and any sales incentives against the 9-3 will end. So regardless of what the new 9-3 will look like, it is likely to be anywhere from 1,000 – 2,000 more. As for residual values, MCE vehicles do not carry the same impact as an ‘all new’ platform so the discounts that are currently available should cover the expected loss in choosing a 2007MY car.

  7. Audi and BM are selling and discounting hard. I think this will stop some people from looking about and may be hurting SAAB sales. The current BM pitch of “you can put a 318i SE on your drive for £250 a month” will look attractive to a lot of people. OK it is a lease deal but it seems to be working – I was at a shopping centre this afternoon and the number of new reg 318i SEs leaving was unreal.

  8. I have 3 Saab dealerships in the UK, the 1st of which opened over 16 years ago, prior to which I spent a further 2 years working for another Saab outlet. I thereofre feel entiteld to comment as follows:

    Over the years we have witnessed many false dawns for this proud brand; seen many underrated cars fail to sell in acceptable volumes due to poor marketing, watched as exciting future products were scrapped at the 11th hour, coped with the sometimes very difficult integration with General Motors and had to sell vehicles with incredibly long prodcut life cycles.

    But do you know something, the people involved with Saab, from the factory, through the National Sales Orgs to the dealers have one unique quality – they have PASSION for what they do and PRIDE in what they sell, as a direct result of which relationships are formed that transcend the norm and it is these relationships that ensure we remain positive in the lean times such as we find ourselves in at the moment.

    The point of this comment is to let you know that GM have finally decided there IS a bright future for Saab. The UK dealers were recently given a glimpse of the future for Saab and allow me – an historical cynic, to tell you, I have total and absolute confidence that in 5 – 7 years time we will have a range of cars that will be the envy of the PREMIUM sector; exciting cars with individuality and taste oozing from them.

    So stick with it, we are!!

    Neale Dougan
    Managing Director
    County Saab

  9. The Saab world needs more people like Neale Dougan.
    The next few years sounds interesting judging by what you have said! 🙂

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