Saaby Thursday Snippets

A little global sales information, which unfortunately does not quite make for pleasant reading. Thanks to ctm.

March: 13,610 – down 1,988 units or -12.8%

January-March: 30,473,- down 3,509 or -10.3%

Sales were down in Sweden, UK and US (the three biggest markets).

Sales were up in Spain, Norway, Russia, Australia, Middle East and China.

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  1. On the sale side – hopefully can the ethanol subsidy in Sweden increase the demand. Was surpriced that the 9-3 increased that much during March given that only a few was the 9-3 ethanol. The SEK 10K subsidy will hopefully help further.

    My guess is that the 9-3 will sell like prior year, or maybe a bit more. Ethanol in Sweden, plus face lift after the summer will increase the demand. The 9-7 continues to sell OK (and contribute with a profit as well).

    The 9-5 is the problem, and the replacement can not come too soon. The problem, to me, is that hte 9-5 and the 9-3 is similar in size, and competes for the same customers. 9-5 has to be bigger, and there has to come a new model smaller than the 9-3.

    Nice with the Anneversity sales – anyone who knows how much of these that has been delivered during march?

  2. Well I hope Saab then takes money off for the replacement wheels – they aren’t close to looking as good as the anniversary ones.

    Also, my dealer told me the 9-3 anniv. edition does not have Xenon lights. I find that hard to believe – nor can you add them.

  3. It seems like they are always offering pretty large incentives, can they ever sell a Saab at sticker price? I wonder what their sales would be like if they were actually charging the prices that they want to.

  4. Citroen in the UK has been going through this for a long time. They started running cashback incentives a few years ago and are having difficulty getting out of the hole they have dug. When a new Citroen was launched the public expected prices in line with the last car. SAAB are sliding down the same path. The ONLY solution is killer product at the top of its class. Here in the UK the last Corsa was rated bottom of the class and was heavily discounted, the new model has won most of the group tests and shot to the top of the class. Discounts and residuals are now in line with its competitors.

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