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A campaign is about to be born.


It’s nice to see the Auto Prophet writing again. AP’s an automotive engineer working working in Michigan and today he talks some sense about about the goal to eke out a bunch more fuel economy from existing engines.

AP’s contention is that the recent quote of around $5,000 per vehicle to achieve the target of an extra 20% fuel efficiency is pretty realistic. Much of what can be reliably done to improve the internal combustion engine is already known and being done. Perhaps the final challenge is to combine various technologies that are being used by different maufacturers into one uber-efficient unit.

AP actually sees ethanol as a likely solution and Saab’s BioPower as typical way to implement it. The BioPower100’s ability to get 150hp per litre speaks volumes as to how you can get useable horsepower out of smaller engines, and going smaller is likely the best way to get better economy and importantly, reduce emissions.


Jalopnik take the early running in the Headline of The Year Award:

BMW Precision Cures Insomnia.


There’s an article here stating that the US government will look to mandate that all vehicles have some anti-rollover protection as standard equipment by 2012.

Saab already have ESP and TCS as standard equipment on the 9-3 and 9-5. The rest of the industry should hopefully catch up some time.


Saab 9000 love….

The now-iconic Saab directional joysick vents were prominent in the Saab 9000. These ones below, from Flickr, are pretty much the direct ancestor to the ones featured on modern Saabs today.


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  1. Saab has already invented SVC, that engine reduces fuel consumption by up to 30%. Why don’t GM produce that engine?

  2. mo, cadillac borrowed the vent design from saab for their current lineup. not sure if the saab vents will make it into the next generation cts though, i dont remember.

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