Saturday Quick Snippets

Here’s a rumour for you to think about.

The coolest tail lamps EVER may be coming to the MY08 9-3.

It’s just a rumour at this point, but from a respected source. Maybe they’ll only work visually with selected colours and they’d only be allowed in certain markets. But, they would the tie the 9-3 sedan in nicely with the ice blocks on the 9-3 SportCombi.


Ever sold a car, and spent ages cleaning t up for sale only to wonder why you didn’t keep it so clean all the time?

Andy Rupert’s been pondering the same questions. It appears he’s not bent on selling at this point, but he has been tossing around the idea (including looking at a Porsche 944!!).

The Cure, as his blog post was so appropriately titled, was a day of detailing the car. Looks alright, too:



Saab Australia is effectively no more. It’s now part of GM Premium Australia. And some of the key players have recently been overseas. I thought it may have been for Saab business, but then in the CarsGuide section of the paper this morning was a great big column on Hummer.

It seems some Aussie journos were in the US driving H3s that aren’t available here yet.

I’m quite willing to move to Melbourne and be a dedicated Saab specialist within the GM Premium portfolio. Really.


Targa Tasmania starts this week, and the big celebrity drawcard this year is Eric Bana in his XB Ford Falcon (think Mad Max).

Bana’s known for various movie appearances including Troy, Blackhawk Down, The Incredible Hulk and his incredible portrayal of Aussie underworld figure Mark Read in Chopper.

I hope he can drive.



I thought these were supposed to be kept indoors during the winter….


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  1. That pic of the ‘vert covered in snow reminds me of my car when I frist moved up to Oregon (from Texas where it doesn’t snow.)

    When the snow melted, the car filled up with water. I got it all out, but it kept filling back up again .. for months! Even after putting it in the garage and the rain and snow stopped.

    I finally figured out that it had little drain nozzels along the bottom of the car, but not before doing a shite load of electrical damage. >=|

    My car was in mint condition before I moved up to this drizzley depressing place.

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