Someone buy this!

If I were ever to consider importing a car from overseas, it would have to be something like this…

I was scanning the interwebs for 9000 Carlsson pages when I found this for sale, which I just had to post here on site as it should go to an enthusiast. It’s not cheap, mind you, but then again it’s quite a rare beast.

It’s a Saab 900 Carlsson edition, of which only around 200 were produced and only for the UK market. Whilst several markets got Carlsson editions of the 9000, only the UK got the 900 too, making these quite a collector’s item.


Here’s some info from the Carlsson brochure:

The Saab 900 Carlsson is a true driver’s car. The 185bhp 16-valve turbo engine which delivers superb power for fast, safe overtaking even in high gear yet offers remarkably efficient and economical fuel consumption. The Saab 900 Carlsson as with every Saab is designed from the inside. Starting at the driver’s seat fitted in plush velour, you will notice the controls and instruments have been carefully positioned in the driver’s field of vision for fast reading thus enabling the driver to react quickly, confidently and effectively. The best of engineering and design combined with a facia which is both stylish and informative – a perfect blend of form and function. The Saab 900 Carlsson boasts an impressive line-up of standard equipment which includes a fully tuned chassis, anti-lock brake system (ABS + 3), twin exhausts, sports steering wheel, leather gear knob and gaiter.

Available in three distinctive colours, Black, Talladega Red and White.


The car that’s available for sale is in the UK at a spot called AeroWorld Saab (in Barnstaple, near North Devon). At £4250 it’s certainly not a cheapie (and I reckon they’d take less anyway), but it’s only done 116,000 and looks to be in pretty good shape.

The ad was posted on the Aero World site on March 27.

It’s Talladega Red, black leather inside, it’s got the super-Aero rims, a red box APC and a full dealer service history.

If only they sold them here…..




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