Someone call Toyota on this….

A good find here from Sorbus in Sweden.

I hope when the design forums like Car Design news etc discuss this car they call it for what it is – a flat out compact copy of the Saab 9x.

Saab9XToyota.jpg 9x500px.jpg

I don’t know about you, but I’ve sort of had enough of Japanese and Korean car designers copying Europeans. Hyundai are probably the worst offenders.

Just another reason why the vast majority of them are still soulless up until this point.

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  1. I completely agree about Hyundai. I don’t know how many times I do a double take thinking an Accent hatch is a NG900.

  2. this is why it’s crucial for saabs to come from a “clean sheet of paper.” design mimmicking makes
    the buyer and seller look cheap, tasteless, and/or pretentious.

    (…makes me want to ask new camry owners how they like their new 3-series (bmw)–with that “fancy” rear light cluster….)

  3. Don’t get mad with me :p but I only see a black A pillar… The colour and the C pillar don’t seem enough to make me see a SAAB there. :p

    There was a similar discussion between the new Skoda Fabia and the Suzuki Swift.

    The A pillar is a very strong visual cue, and it really can distract us from all the many differences between the cars. :p

  4. This is part of the reason Saab needs to MOVE on the interesting designs it puts out. If you come out with something great and do nothing with it, it will just “inspire” competitors who’ll benefit from your work more than you will. The Saab 9x was introduced around 2001 I believe. Saab should have done something with it by now.

    I’ll stop grumbling now and will just get back to my tea…

  5. That’s what the Asians do. That’s why their car designs are so useless.

    Though, admittedly, if I HAVE to get a new car, one of the two choices is Hyundai. Those mid level Elantras come with a lot of stuff. The other choice is a Saturn Ion sedan. *sigh…it sucks being into a premium car brand, because it means you need a lot of money to get one.

  6. Toyota displayed that car, the Endo Concept at the 2005 Frankfurt Auto Show, so there really isn’t anyway they coppied SAAB on this one.

  7. “Toyota displayed that car, the Endo Concept at the 2005 Frankfurt Auto Show, so there really isn’t anyway they coppied SAAB on this one.”

    Nate, the Saab 9X was shown in 2001.

  8. I’ve been trying to argue this point on Autoblog, but, just like on pretty much every Webrings blog discussion, the people tend to be jerks.

  9. Sorry to break it to you, but if a car is better, faster, cheaper, and more reliable, it doesn’t matter if it’s a copy, its only business. And Toyota is the most known, best selling brand of cars in the world right now. Might as well say the universe.

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