SOTW: Saab vs BMW

I think this makes for a great Saab O The Week shot. It’s come in from Alexandros in Germany and the car is new 2007 Saab 9-3 convertible.

Nice top!!

Of course, the great thing about the photo is the BMW 330i “hiding” in the garage. That’s Alexandros’ description, at least 😉

The Bimmer belongs to his father-in-law and ‘Dad’ was pleasantly surprised at how strong and quiet the 9-3 convertible was. That German market is so undersold right now….

Thanks Alexandros, and I hope you get plenty of happy kilometers in the open air this summer.


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  1. what bodycolors is yours Alexandros? I guess Fusion blue [Saphirblau in Deutschland]?? Like th sand on it a lot and was just asking myself if I should take nocturno and sand or fusion with sand top?? Did you see both before going with this one??

  2. I think it is Nocturne Blue. Fusion Blue is lighter.

    Love the sand hood 🙂

    Can’t wait for my Cerulean Blue Aero convertible to arrive now. It’s getting built next week!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi rayman146,

    the bodycolour is indeed Nocturne Blue.
    I didn’t see before neither the NB nor the FB with Sand Top, just my imagination.

    I ‘ve chosen Nocturne Blue with Sand because I think it is more “classical”. I took also Sand Leather interior with wooden steering wheel and wooden applications.

    Regards, Alexandros.

  4. thanx alexandros,so nocturne – this was definitly a good choice! I think I will take this combo as well, though I just don’t know, if its good to wait for my08 [the back of the 08 version looks a bit out of place if we take the spypics for granted]… I wish Saab would include the option to actually SEE what combinations are possible on the car configurator!!

  5. You know, Ive met a few people, specifically BMW owners, who once they saw the 9-3 vert in person were extremely impressed by it, moreso than they thought they would be. Two BMW owners I know seriously considered purchasing one, and one ended up doing so. I think the very is a very competitive car and in my opinion Saab’s best product. It doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention though, I wonder what the sales data for just verts is?

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