Tuesday night snippets

What does a Saab dealer do in his spare time after a few ales?

He invents a sport – bogboarding.


They asked….

Edmunds are holding a survey to find out what cars people want in 2007.

The deck’s slightly loaded, though. For example, in the Sedans under $35K category you have the Audi A4 and in parenthesis it says “including S4 and RS4” – I’m pretty sure the RS4 might be more than $35K (starts at $66K, actually)

So, I think it’s therefore quite within the right of the average Saabisti to show some support. There’s 32 categories to pick a car for, but you can skip through those you’re not interested in.


This is worthy of a mention given that it’s the month of 9000 lovin, but not worthy of a post on it’s own.

This one popped up recently on my Flickr feed.

The caption says: that’s no drawing or photoshop, that’s a photograph! that’s how awesome my car is. p.s. involved irish whiskey and a contest.



Gunnar from Automobiles Deluxe has a Saab & Cadillac post, citing some mismanagement from GM on both brands.

Whilst he gets points for citing yours truly in there, I feel a little icky being in the same article as Jonny Lieberman.

Unfortunately theres no concrete conclusion there, just a suggested prayer.


And something that’s a blast from the past:

Remember when Saab were at risk of having a model based on the Subaru Tribeca – possibly one of the ugliest cars ever made?

Subaru have decided to remove the incredibly ugly nose from the front of the Tribeca – and their solution?

Build it to look like a Hyundai.

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  1. I never liked that Subaru before but at least it didn’t look like it was 10 years old like this new one!

    Management committee styling… WAY TO GO!

    No soul, no heart, and no risk taking. B L A N D ! ! !

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