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Following on from my “dud badges” story from yesterday, Andy Rupert has a summary and update on those alternate Saab badges (the one with the Swedish flag etc).


The arse is about to fall out of Volvo’s sales.

OK, it’s the R’s, but I couldn’t resist.

They should have known that Saab are the sporting Swedes. And GM should realise it, too, and bring back the Viggen….and the hatch.


Earlier we had a Saab McHatch outdoing an entire Department of Transport. Now it’s a Saab outdoing four Ferraris and five New York cabbies.

The story’s actually about the 50th anniversary of The Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving & Chowder Society. Cars and soup. Whodathunkit?

Apparently they’re a bunch of well-heeled NY motoring journo types and they used to organise clandestine races here, there and everywhere. One of them was a race through Manhattan back in 1978 that was to pit five Ferraris against five NYC cab drivers. one of the Ferraris couldn’t make it, so a Saab was subbed in at the last minute – and it won!

How come this car isn’t in the GM heritage collection?


I haven’t delved right into this one yet, but Saab Great Britain have developed a new microsite called Saab Perspectiv. Lots of Saab-Salomon stuff on there and other stuff too. Looks interesting but at this early stage I’m not sure what the point is….


Thanks John!

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  1. That mustve been a c900, or a 9-5 wagon, no other saab could’ve done the job :)..

    Volvo R: I was commenting earlier about how Saab needs a 9-5 gripen or viggen or draken or something to be an S60R competitor. But, after seeing that article, maybe the same would happen to Saab if they attempted?

  2. Too bad for Volvo. Trying to position the new S80 V8 as a sporting alternative is not going to work.

    This may be an opportunity for Saab to introduce a low-volume, high-performance model, to fill the gap left by the cancellation of the R series.

    If a buyer wants Swedish high-performance (and can’t afford a Koenigsnegg), the only choice is the Black Turbo.

  3. Fresh from our (tiny) auto show here in Nashville, Tennessee, I was impressed by the upcoming Volvo C30. Again, Saab has been scooped by a competitor, which is really getting to be a drag. The 9-1 needs to trump the C30, and good. And, that’s a tall order given the C30’s numbers and look.


    Marketing seems to be ‘on’ as well.

    PS – Volvo says that the car is reminiscent of the P1800, which I’ve always been fond of. I don’t see it, except perhaps in form factor.

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