UK BioPower Website

Saab of Great Britain are having a hard time getting the concessions for BioPower that governments in other markets have offered, concessions that make BioPower a lot more attractive to own and operate.

Other governments give concessions on parking or vehicle taxes and with London having such a prominent congestion charge it would obviously be a major benefit for BioPower to (rightly) be classified as a ‘green’ vehicle in the UK. Granting of ‘green’ status for ethanol fuelled cars would probably see more support for ethanol infrastructure as well.

Saab GB are doing something that I think shows a great deal of leadership and foresight. They’re staying the course and setting up their marketing efforts in preparation for BioPower’s acceptance. Moreover, they’re using these marketing efforts as a lobbying effort to promote the benefits of BioPower to those powers that be in government that make decisions about these things.

It’s as a part of this effort that they’ve launched a Saab GB BioPower website. It’s got their BioPower media releases as well as all the facts and figures about BioPower – what it is, how it works and how it helps.

Go check it out.


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