Updates sought

HI all.

Just thought I’d send a note out there to all you Swedes re: the MY08 Saab 9-3 and the Saab Festival.

Firstly, it’s been a while since there’s been any 9-3 news. Is there anything new that we should know. Any confirmations about the possiblity of the coolest tail lamps EVER making it into production (it’s recently been rumoured for the sedan).

Anything else we should know? Please let me know via email.

Secondly – has anyone heard anything about the dinner that’s happening at the Saab Festival? I think it’s a ticketed event and I’m a little scared of traveling all that way and missing out on one of the feature evenings. I’ve taken a look at the website but had no luck finding out anything there.

Any help welcomed.

And will they serve herring there? Call me stupid, but I hate seafood :-p

Only 6 weeks to go until I jump on that plane!!

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