I hope someone sees this, contacts Niklas and licences this design for production. I’d buy one, and I think I’m not the only one.

I got an email from Niklas Palm overnight. He’s a design student from Sweden’s Umeå Institute of Design. He emailed me a PDF of his design portfolio as he’s a Saabnut and thought another Saabnut might like to see some of his work (which has some Saab-related stuff amongst it). Indeed, it had some very interesting items in it.

Most interesting to me was this little number, which he calls UrMus.

My apologies for the somewhat compromised reproduction, but I think you’ll get the picture.

Click to enlarge:


It’s a computer mouse based on the original UrSaab designed by Sixten Sason. The “Mus” in the name is “mouse” in Swedish. A very clever twist is that the split rear windows on the real UrSaab form the basis of your left and right mouse buttons on the UrMus.

Very clever, and beautiful to look at.

I hope the Saab Expressions people are looking at this. I can put you in touch with Niklas if required. You’ve got at least one sale right here.

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  1. It could be designed similar to the apple mouse which does not have any movable buttons but is touch sensative on either side of the car. also needs a track wheel, which could be the centre pillar of the rear windows. Anyway, looks good, it would look great on any designers or those that appreciate design (all saab nuts) desks.

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