US Sales Data – March 2007

Sales data for the US market is in for March 2007 and once again the downward trend for Saab continues.

SaabUSA sold 2,837 vehicles during March, a fall of 15.5% from the 3,239 vehicles sold in the same month last year.

Individual model sales were as follows:


Saab 9-2x – sold 20 vehicles, down from 91 sold in March 06

Saab 9-3 – sold 1,981 vehicles, down from 2,255 sold in March 06

Saab 9-5 – sold 369 vehicles, down from 411 sold in March 06

Saab 9-7x – sold 467 vehicles, down from 482 sold in March 06


That MY08 9-3 can’t come soon enough.

9-7x sales are still encouraging. Whils tthey were down this month, a fall of 15 vehicles on a base of 482 can be regarded as being ‘steady’.

The 9-5 remains one of the bigger sleepers in autodom in my book. Yes, it needs a refresh, but mainly to get it back on the motoring press’ radar. The car itself is still superb.


Saab have sold 7,420 vehicles in the US market so far in 2007. This represents a 9.8% fall against sales for Jan-Mar 2006, where they sold 8,222 units.

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  1. Can the MY08 really have that much impact?

    Maybe it’s because the incentives are so bad right now.

    I’m hoping for a better incentive this month.

  2. joemama, I completely agree. I need about $8k in incentives to compensate for my negative equity in my 9-2x just to trade it in. I could have done that with an ’06, but when I went looking there was none around!

    Right now, I would’ve qualified for GMS Employee price, plus the total $3250 that was offered through today on the ’07s. But it wasn’t enough to entice me. I need at least $5-6k total in rebates to get me in the serious shopping mode, on top of the GMS price.

    Yeah, I’m greedy, but can you blame me for it?

    No whammy! C’mon big money! *slam* “STOP!”

  3. Nevitz: I’m not sure you’re going to find a lot of folks who get your “Press Your Luck” reference… 😛

  4. You must mean the current $1500 + $750 before dec. 1 + $1000 loyalty.

    I’m in the same boat. I qualify for supplier discount, but not the latter two incentives. So I keep waiting. RIght now it’s cheaper to do a EDP (and darn tempting…). But the problem is time is running out to order through European Delivery, right? And worse than that, the MY08 info won’t come out until after I have to order….

    Yes, I’m hoping the Whammy stops on 3k AND 0%!!! Both, not one or the other….

  5. So, the new incentives are out for US.

    This is at least the Southeast, but I think the same for the entire US.

    9-3 Entire Range $3,000
    9-5 Entire Range $3,000
    9-7x Entire Range $4,500

    Plus $1,000 Saab Loyalty on 9-3’s and $2,000 Saab Loyalty on 9-5’s and 9-7x.

    I also read from an independant website that these are good thru 7/09/2007, so this is a long promo. I think that may take us to the MY08 release and then they might dump even more incentives for the MY07’s. *fingers crossed*

  6. Nevitz – I did not see anything on GM’s website, but I hope you are correct. That would be double the current incentives! Not bad.

    Throw in the $1000 bucks loyalty and it gets even better. I wonder if the $750 for cars before dec. first applies too? Can you imagine?

  7. I am convinced that a MARKETING failure lies at the heart of the US sales decline. The 9-3 and 9-5 compete in a very crowded space and neither these models nor the brand itself have a great deal of “mind share” among potential buyers. I realize these cars do not appeal to everyone, but by all that is right and holy Saab should easily earn three or four times their current sales in the US.

    The “Born from Jets” campaign is appropriate for the brand, but Saab needs much more exposure across a variety of media and with broader or more varied messages. Why do I not see more Saab ads on cable TV, in magazines, on the internet, etc.? This kind of “stealth marketing” is disastrous in such a crowded market. Who in the US remembers Peugeot? They had a couple of models and a small core of owners/devotees but were a minor player in the overall US market. Saab’s US position is uncomfortably close to Peugeot’s in the late 1980s before they pulled out of this market.

    As a teenager in the Reagan years, Saab was known for making “smart cars for smart guys” (with my apologies to all female Saab owners including my wife). Isn’t that still the heart of Saab? Why not update this a little and build a new campaign with multiple messages around this common theme?

    Saab is a smart car for smart people BECAUSE (and here are the individual ads):

    – Saab is SAFE.
    – Saab has excellent and innovative ENGINEERING.
    – Saab is EFFICIENT (read: GREEN…OK, maybe the 9-7x isn’t so green!).
    – Saab is FUN TO DRIVE.
    – Saab is an ALTERNATIVE.

    “Born from Jets” hits a certain dynamic but in my humble opinion cannot lift the brand image the way it needs to be lifted.

    I think Saab is basically priced right and would not need steep incentives to move cars if there were more demand to begin with. GM should take half the money out of the incentive program, spend it on advertising to build the brand and see if there is a better and longer-term ROI.

    Just one man’s thoughts here.

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