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It’s been a public holiday here. Anzac Day. A remembrance of the Australian and New Zealander soldiers that fought and died at Gallipoli in Turkey on April 25, 1915.

That’s why posts have been light today.


Having received an iSaab newsletter earlier in the week, I thought I’d check out the events section of the SaabUSA site and see what was going on. There’s a lot of dates and places listed, but not much in terms of descriptions as to what’s happening.

I could assume that it’s a list of airshows where the BFJ tour truck will be hanging out, but sometimes to assume makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”.


One of the dates on that Saab events schedule had an asterisk next to it, meaning that the Saab Performance Team would be in attendance. Given that little prompt, I thought I’d go and check out their MySpace page.

If you haven’t had a look, there’s a bunch of great desktop wallpapers there. Sample below.


There’s also a blog where they cover a few current events and remember a few past happenings. The latest one was about the Talladega runs, and I thought this bit was interesting:

We returned to Talladega in 1996 to do it again. This time in Saab NG900s. We set 40 new records. The fastest car this time averaged 226.450 km/h (135.87 mph). We should have done it again in 2006, but it never happened.

Darn shame, that was. I wrote about it a number a times. One can only assume it was the beancounters that put the kibosh on it. The fans wanted it and it seems the drivers wanted it too. And there’s no doubt it would have made for some great press coverage.


This has nothing to do with Saab, but given that this is probably the most Australian day of the year I thought I’d post something Australian that I like.

You may have heard of the band Midnight Oil. They’re one of my favourite Aussie bands and this clip is from back in 1993. The song is called Short Memory.

“The Oils” were a very politically motivated band, which was sort of rare back in the 80s. The lead singer is now a member of parliament here in Australia and whilst I don’t totally agree with all of his politics, I still cherish his music.

For those of you that will – please enjoy.

*end personal reflective moment*

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  1. I found it interesting to see what cars the performance team members drove for their personal use:
    1997 9000, 9-3 Sportcombi, 1977 99, and a minivan (but he had to add that his son drives a 900). Looks like the old Saabs are tough to beat.

  2. I suspect that a big reason for not returning to Talladega in 2006 was that GM could not be confident that cars plucked from the production line would have been of high enough quality to last this gruelling event, let alone set new records.

    It seems that there are an awful lot of quality issues with the cars built in the last 6-10 years.

  3. Actually, ANZAC day is a day to remember ALL Australian soldiers of ALL wars. It’s celebrated on April 25th as that was the day in 1915 we were blooded as a nation in war and where the name ANZAC came from (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps).

    The ANZAC spirit revolves around mateship and determination, a virtue all Australian soldiers have carried with them through every campaign.

    The Australian soldier is known as a Digger, coined by those who were told to “Dig dig dig, until you are safe!”

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