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Jay Spenchian is talking up the car with the coolest tail lamps EVER, the Saab 9-5 BioPower100 on the GM Fastlane blog. There’s still no word of when BioPower might be forthcoming, with a weak E85 distribution network being cited as the main reason why. This is consistent with other recent things we’ve heard from GM.


There’s also a BioPower100 calendar piece available from GM at their Flickr page. Check out the FYI blog for details.


Britains Channel4 website are running a 10 Things you should know about Saab feature. Good reading, especially for those relative newcomers to the brand.

Is this the ultimate Saab precis?

In the 60 years since its first four-wheeler was unveiled, Saab has been responsible for more innovations, experiments and stylistic brilliance than many a bigger firm. It’s also lost a lot of money.


This is totally non-Saab related, but one of the subscriptions I have is to The Local, and English language Swedish news service. They have some of the funniest stories, like this one:

It’s a case of exit light, enter night for the couple who thought they had won the right to name their daughter Metallica. The Swedish tax board has refused to accept the County Court’s verdict and is now taking the case to the Administrative Court of Appeal.

After months of sleeping with one eye open, gripping her pillow tight, Metallica’s mother thought the fight for her daughter’s name was finally over.

I guess Nothing Else Matters to some people than giving their child the One name they really want. Here’s hoping the aggrieved mother doesn’t muster up St Anger, ReLoad and then Kill Em All.

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