What price for a .com vanity plate?

This one floated up on my Flickr feed.

I’m not sure if it’s the case for all states in Australia, but I know that in Victoria there’s actually a high price put on certain licence plates and they’re traded between people, for profit, within the law.

Try getting the Victorian plate with ‘monaro’ written on it and see what it costs! You’ll need a not-so-small fortune.

If it’s the same in California, then I’d venture a guess and say this plate is possibly worth more than the Saab it’s sitting on. Wise investor, that Saab owner. But then again, wisdom’s a common trait for Saab owners, isn’t it?


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  1. Swade: In the US, license plates cannot be traded, they must be obtained directly from the state agency to be valid. Mr. Dot Com here simply was first in line to get that plate for the nominal upcharge for state of California.

    In Tennessee, it costs $25.75 for the license plate for a year plus the local county or city tax (that adds $25 for me), plus the inspection fee ($10). Vanity plates are $25 more.

    I’m sure that it’s substantially more in California, but you get the picture.

  2. Here in New Hampshire, it’s $25 to the state on top of whatever it costs to register the car with the state and town. Then it gets screwier from there… My 1993 900S convertible had more tax liability to the town than my 1999 9-5 this year. I think its a plot to get all the OBD-II non-compliant cars off the road before the emissions testing kicks in or something.

  3. Also, generally in California when you sell a car the plate goes with it. I believe if you want you can arrange to keep the plate, as I’ve seen some new cars with old yellow-on-blue plates. I’m sure if you sell a car with a vanity plate you can keep it.

    I know in some other countries the plate is issued to the PERSON rather than to the car. A Scottish friend of mine gave me his Irish license plate he had from spending a few years living in Ireland.

    The plate I really wanted from the State of California was “DRAKEN” for my old C900T. I went to the website where you can check if a particular plate is already taken (https://vrir.dmv.ca.gov/ipp/PerLicensePlateServlet) and saw that it was already taken.

    Later at a SoCal SAAB Club get-together Walter Wong (who owns Right Solution http://saabtech.net/welcome.php?PHPSESSID=7650d5b1fd849816e5cb7cc109e2d57c) showed up with an old 99 EMS with a REALLY old California vanity plate with “DRAKEN” on it. HE was the one who had it! He told me that he got it a really long time ago (when he acquired the car).

  4. My vanity plate cost an extra $35 bringing the total in Ohio to over $90 for the year. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth it. Thankfully, a birthday gift will cover the extra cost next month.

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