Why Saab MUST get back into racing

From Jalopnik.

This isn’t a Saab video, but I’m posting it anyway for two reasons:

First of all, I’m still feeling quite Australian after Anzac Day yesterday, and this video features Australia’s best known race track – Mount Panorama at Bathurst in NSW.

Secondly, because of my belief that Saab would benefit greatly from a return to racing in either rallies or circuits. Take a look at this Lotus race and tell me you don’t want to drive a Lotus at least once.

Motorsport breeds passion and interest. No doubt about it.

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  1. I think Saab should definitely get back into racing and rallying.
    Passion and soul.
    Be a real man’s car. A tough guy’s car. Like Porsche. Build a sports car for sportsmen.

  2. This made me think that Lotus helped design and build the Opel Speedster/Vauxhall VX220…and that those cars eventually developed into modern Kappa-platform roadsters like the Solstice and Sky…and that a Kappa Sonett would be a great idea and people should race them like in this video.

    Also, Lotus’ (Loti?) are totally badass.

  3. That’s a nice chorus line when they’re all singing together in tune.

    Reminds me of the 405. (In the middle of the night.)

  4. I’m not sure about racing.

    You have to find a class that go with the image of the brand. In the case of Saab, rally and rallycross is out of the question, beacuse it’s more like a blue-coller sport in terms of advertising and that is not in line with Saab being premium. So it have to be series like DTM, WTCC and so on.

    It costs a lot. And even if you spend a lot of money, you still have the risk of people wondering why you don’t succeed. An good example of this is Toyota in F1. Toyota don’t need F1 as a company. They are in it because Honda is there.

    Most people interested in motorsport know, that the link between the brand and the race car is often very weak. Even companies like Ferrari and Alfa Romeo don’t build their race cars themselves.

    At a local national level, it’s OK that Saab supports a team through advertising. I mean, they can’t stop teams from using Saab’s. But on an international level, I don’t think we will (and should) see a Saab Motorsport department again.

  5. Wow. That guys has some balls. He’s just asking to make that car a couple of inches shorter.

    I agree with ctm. Saab’s current image just doesn’t fit in with racing.

  6. Ofcourse Saab should get back to racing again.
    It´s actually a pain to see the Daewoo cars (Well Chevy Europe cars…eeeh) race in the WTCC and not Saab (they race all over the world and Saab is a global brand. Not Chevy EU or Opel
    Get people like Rickard Rydell (Even though he used to drive Volvo´s), Stefan “Lill-Lövis” Johansson (Former F1 driver, Indy-Cart driver and team boss), and former Road racing champion MICK DOOHAN!!! (http://www.mickdoohan.com.au/)God what a super guy he is! My hero!!! I don´t think he would mind trying to do some laps in a supersonic Saab… Would he? Even though he is used to only two wheels. These guys are naturals and will do great in any motorsport.

    Lotus?? Yeah, it´s a nice auto but I´d prefer an Aero-X Speedster (like the one in Teknikens Varld)… Would be sweeeeeeeeet!!

    Imagine a car like that with a 400 bhp Ethanol engine… Mmmmmm!


  7. This is the material to start a track/race variant:

    All seems already developped, so not to much costs for GM then?
    Certainly more appealling than GM’s Korean Chevy moves in the current touring car racing.

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