Your Trollhattan Map for Saab Festival

I got this via email from Tim R in Sweden, a Trollhattan local.

It’s a map from Google earth and Tim’s marked all the Saab notable points in town, as follows:

1. The SAAB Factory
2. SDCC SAAB Car-recycling
3. SAAB ANA (cars are sold here)
4. SAAB Museum and main festival area
5. Overby shopping Mall (this is where the meeting is on saturday evening)
6. SAAB ANA Delivery Center (cars sold in Trollhättan go through this point prior to deliver)
7. SAAB Metal factory (special welding operations)

Click to enlarge.


In addition, the pink markings on the map are where Tim reckons the best parking’s available.

See you in Trollhattan – 5 weeks to go (for me at least!)

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