200K up for Danni

There’s been a lot of new visitors here since we last covered any news from Danni, so it’s worth a little recap.

I know there’s some hard core Saab owners out there with multiple Saabs and two-strokers and all that stuff, but Danni’s dedication to Saab is pretty remarkable.

Danni lives in Namibia. That means it’s 2,000km trip to get your car serviced and whilst the landscape can be beautiful along the way, it’s also pretty harsh:


So Aussies, think about driving from Melbourne to Brisbane for a service. You ‘Mericans can try New York to MPLS and how about the entire length of the E20 from Shannon in Ireland to St Petersburg – and then some?

Danni’s 9-5 Aero has just ticked over 200,000 kms, and whilst it’s not yet in the pantheon of high mileage Saabs, he’s pretty satisfied with it:

Just a small update: I have now covered 200,000km with my cosmic blue 9-5 Aero MY01. For the naysayers and those journalists preaching the usual bollocks about the reliability of the 9-5 Aero – Here’s to happy motoring!

This is not blind faith or some brand loyalty – the product works, and for that matter, considering the environment and the service backup, it’s a true testament to the build quality of the product – put together to last.

I still reckon Namibia should become a new proving ground for hot and rough weather testing.

Naturally, there’s photos of the event…..

199%20999km%209-5%20Aero.jpg 200%20000km%209-5%20Aero%20My01.jpg

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  1. This is me kicking myself for not getting better pics from when my M99 9-5 turned over 200k miles. At 213k, she is still quiet and incredibly shiny! The 9-5 has still cost less to run than any C900 or 9000 I’ve owned. After I throw on these bushings for the rear suspension and a set of tires, she’ll be near perfect again.

  2. MPLS – hmmm… it took the second page on my web search engine to come up with … maybe… Minneapolis??

  3. Yeah, Swade, next time just say “Twin Cities” :p

    Mine’s at 175k and counting. I think once it hits 200k I might just retire it. It’s on its last legs, though I hate to admit that. Unless, of course, I save up the money to have it completely overhauled, in which case, on to 500k! :p

  4. danni, if you’re reading this…

    what’s the price of fuel there? do you go through an extraordinary amount of tires, cracked windshields, air/oil filters, and the like? how do you get your parts and how long do they take to arrive?

    and just for curiosity’s sake — if you are not from there originally, what brought you to Namibia?

  5. I’ve just realised my 9-5 has done over 212,000km. Didn’t sound so much in miles. I’ll easily add 4,000km more by the time i get back from Sweden. but that will only be 2,500 miles.

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