87 model 9000 needs help

One of those things noted in studies about ‘brand communities’ was that Saab drivers would often wave to other Saab drivers and it wasn’t uncommon for a Saab driver to stop and help another Saab driver in distress.

I don’t think those elements are as strong these days, but if you live in or near Akron, Ohio, this might be a good opportunity to spread some Saab love.

Ted Y has emailed me this link, which goes to a video file. I’ll let Ted tell the story:

An elderly Akron, Ohio (USA) couple with life threatening medical conditions had their car stolen and burned. The full story is at the link below. However, the video ends by noting that they have a 1987 Saab sitting there, but it doesn’t run and they can’t afford to have it fixed. I just wanted to post this in case a good samaritan familiar with 87 Saabs might have time to take a look and help out. Could be it’s just something minor. I don’t live close, and I’m not familiar with that year of Saab.

Thier names are Dave and Helen August

The car appears to be a 9000.

As I mentioned, if you’re nearby and have the requisite knowledge to help them get it going, it’d be a great gift to these folks.

Maybe there’s a dealership nearby that would like to help out?

It seems that the Akron Police might be the intermediary to go through in order to get in touch. Or you could try the phone book, I guess.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Swade. Kinda funny tough, I meant to say “Their names” but typed “There names” (I know better). You tried to correct it for me and it came out “Thier names”. That’s one elusive word:-)

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