9000 Aero lovin – revisited

It’s May here in Australia, but there’s still a few hours of April left in the US as I’m writing this.

This link was left by Alan in comments. Apparently it was left earlier in the month but I missed it, which is a big shame as it’s a great reference for all you 9000 Aero enthusiasts out there.

Robert Alimi put together a 9000 Aero information page back in the late 1990s and whilst it hasn’t been updated in some time, it provides a great snapshot of the 9000 Aero. There’s some fantastic information there, including Specs, Awards, US sales data, you name it and you’re likely to find it.

There’s also a number of snippets from reviews of the 9000 Aero:

“Overall, I was in love …once again the sensation of a luxurious car left me fulfilled and in awe. In fact, everyone that drove and rode in the Saab was amazed and breathless. The special parts of the Saab were it’s incredible interior comfort and excellent handling on the road.”

“It’s wonderful to look at, heavenly to drive, and a dream to ride in. The Saab 9000 Aero is a perfect family luxury sports car.”

All you 9000 Aero enthusiasts might be wise to check it out and perhaps print out some of the statistical and specifications data. This site hasn’t been updated since 2002 and who knows when it might just slip off the tubes altogether.


Thanks Alan!!

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  1. I love my 9000 aero!
    To all out there with one, lower it! Mine is lowered about an inch, and sits nicely, no rub. Until I can somehow make my own version of the super aero wheels in 17 inch form, lowering is the only outside mod (except for clear corners of course).

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