9-3 launch online event

I won’t be subscribing to this as I’ll be attending the launch in person (woohoo!) but it seems that those of you who won’t be making it to Sweden in June might be able to watch the event online.

The Saab Global Page is featuring a countdown and a section where you can “join the online launch event”. The sign-in page specifically mentions a webcast, so I guess it’s going to be streamed online.

Sign up and then go arrange that fast internet connection!!



Thanks Nevitz for the reminder!

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  1. *nods*

    And to think, I was doing a countdown myself for 5/10 (awaiting the press release pics). Now, to wait for the real thing.

    Oh wait, I forgot. After June 10, there will probably be another count down for the day they arrive in showrooms in July/August.

    My local dealership seems worried on recent sales trends. Me thinks the MY08’s will cause more traffic in the show rooms. Let’s all hope so! *fingers crossed*

  2. There IS a chance that people are waiting for the refresh, which explains the sales dip. I also suspect that the refresh will boost sales to the point where it will make up for the lukewarm performance so far this year.

  3. I think there is a big chance of that, since as I understand it (not at least in Sweden) most corporate sales are the 9-5 (i.e. customers who don’t care about a face-lift). Also, 9-3 make up 2/3 of Saab’s sales according to a replay from JAJ in the news yesterday, so all news about a face-lift of it should be noticable in the sales figures. I hope… 🙂

  4. Saab’s new “signature” lighting is a new lighting system consisting of an LED band above the headlights located in the cluster. These are NOT turn signals, they are running lights – think of BMW’s Corona Rings. They create an “eyebrow” effect and look great at night. I can’t reveal how I know – but you’ll see….
    Ps- the Rears are LED s well……..

  5. I hope you’re right, Johnathon, because that would be badass. Rear LED’s are cool, and the “eyebrow” look would be pretty intimidating in your rear window (I also grudgingly admit that I really like BMW’s coronas).

  6. Jeff:
    Again, I can’t reveal how I know ( I could be fired for “leaking”), but lets just say that I have seen advanced media/production literature. Not sure if the Signature lighting will be on anything other than the Areo versions, though. In some of the versions I have seen, it is amber, some blueish/white. But the photography is very stylized
    Trust… this is badass.
    You can see it on the released images – especially on the darker sportcombi close-ups.
    …And I agree – it does look cool on the BMWs……

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