9-3 tail light pics

Good Morning all,

These landed in my inbox while I was sleeping. They were snapped by a Trollhattan local who shall remain nameless.

Important: This isn’t the rear end of the MY2008 car. The rego information shows that it’s a 2006 1.8t model. But it does show what are quite possibly show the tail lights we’ll see on the new car.

Our photographer has a theory that they mount some of these new features on older cars for testing, which we know they do for mechanical stuff as well as there’s some MY07 cars running around with 08 mechanicals right now.

Here are the pics:







The similarities with the convertible tail lamps as shot by Auto Motor and Sport are quite obvious….



And for your reference, here’s a 2007 9-3 rear….


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  1. I think it’s the most probable explanation for those tail-lights…

    They could be some sort of tuning, but they do look just like the convertible ones.

    One could question if they will keep exactly the same shape on the tail-lights on the restyling… and that’s a good question.

    Apparently, SAAB will keep the whole rear-end on the convertible: it has only new tail-lights and a different detail (the bar that is now chromed). But we already expected that the convertible was the least “manipulated”.

    With so many changes upfront, will they be that conservative on the rear?

  2. The car is owned by Saab Automobile, so it could be some real testing. Or just one of all those cars with random parts changed that don’t nessecarily mean anything for the future. Time will tell… Maybe this coming week.

  3. I have always hated that clear glass look… still do. The only cars that I’ve seen that I like the clear glass was the 9-3 SC and the Aero X… Maybe because it had a blueish tint to it. Well I know that will not be coming to the US

  4. I am with joemama on this, where is the difference? I think white tail lights look awful and see no reason why they need to be changed. They wont make it to North America anyway so Im glad I wont be seeing them for real!

  5. They don’t really look like the ones pictured on the ‘vert. The ones on ther ‘vert come closer to the center of the car and are frosted.

    The ones in the new picture look like generic clear ricer lights you could pick up at Auto Zone. They look cheap.

    I hope the convertible is what the final product looks like.

  6. I hate white taillights and I hate headlights with that weird silver around them, too. They look too “Hey dogs, check the new lights on my Celica!”

  7. That is foul, which I guess goes well with the rest of the new ‘do. Come on, Saab, can’t you get it right??

  8. I do not believe that those are the coming sedan lights. They look like somekind of “tuning” kit offered by Speedparts or some other. If they are going to make clear taillights, I´m pretty sure they´ll use the same colours and materials as used on the back of a combi. Which is pretty cool I think. It should not be completely clear and see through or it would look like japanese cars (no offence). Let´s just wait and see. The new front is really looking better and better everyday, the more I look those pics, the more I like it.

  9. Again, Saab is 3 to 5 years to late with their designs. I was hoping the new rear end would have LED light like the new Audi A6 but that doesn’t seem likely now…

  10. I agree with Mats — the sedan better come with LED lights in the back.. BMW and Audi has already had them for a few years and Saab would be making a mistake for not having them by now. I pray that those clear lights aren’t part of Saab’s plan.. theyre quite hideous on the sedan!

  11. btw does anybody know date when 08 info embargo ends or when info is given to the media(when it usually leaks) ?

  12. As previously stated…. Can´t realy agree with them. As an option yes and on a Siler colored yes…. But then again… no. Have to se the in real life.


  13. Today I had a first date after my divorce.
    The girl does not yet know of my affection for Saab. She is a REAL looker and has a shit load of money in her pocket and could buy just about any car she would like (Glad to say ;-D). When walking together hand in hand in Stockholm just the other week she looked at a 2006-2007 9-5 sedan and said :- Isn´t that a beautiful car! I just love the crome round the headlights. It sticks out from the other cars.. And thats from a girl with expensive taste.

    So… “I hate white taillights and I hate headlights with that weird silver around them, too. They look too “Hey dogs, check the new lights on my Celica!”

    Does it look to you that the above statement is A. Just right….
    Or B. Saab should STICK OUT!!!!!!

    Saab has got to stick out from everybody else in the market. Show something that gives attention. Affection even.

    Classic Saab 900 lovers out there… Don´t be scared. Saab is yet again in for something special. Something that tells people that WE are special.
    Nooo I still don´t like those rear lights on the sedan on the pictures (Is it an updated 9-3? or just a tuned one)… But I won´t say “Hell no” until I see the finished product.


  14. Tompa:

    I didn’t mean chrome. I love chrome. I mean, I don’t like when the taillights look like they do in those pictures (more white/silver than red), or when they have that silver plastic around them inside the actual headlights (not around them) on the front. I can’t find an example…

    Basically, what your date liked, I like. What you see on cheesy ricers sometimes, I don’t like. Luckily, that actually has nothing to do with this :p

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