Advice sought for Sweden trip

Hi all,

In just over a week I’ll be leaving this land-o-my-birth and travelling to sunny Sweden for the Saab Festival.

Can any of you Swedes recommend a good, reasonably priced hotel in Stockholm, preferably one that’s close to whatever train station I need to go to in order to travel to Trollhattan?

Also, anyone got any good jetlag cures? This one will not be considered.

All advice on both matters welcome in comments.

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  1. Swade, I can recommend the Adlon Hotel in Kungsgatan ( I have used it many times when on business in Stockholm.

    It’s not fancy but it is directly across the street from the main train station and (when I was there) offered free wired broadband in all the rooms.

    The rooms are basic but clean and breakfast is normally included.

  2. My cure for jet lag is to time your sleep on the plane over to coincide with the time it is in Sweden.
    This works well for me every time i go to Wales (Cymru am Byth).Never had jet lag.
    So stay awake as long as possible on the plane and then have a kip when you arrive(if it’s morning then just have a power nap).
    Your body is a machine and your mind is in control.

    Enjoy Sweden it’s a great place,full of great people.
    And milk the Tassie(Princess Mary) thing for all it’s worth.

  3. I can see it all now….

    Is that a Hirsch shifter in your pocket or are you just jet-lagged?

    Maybe you just *really* like those ice block Combi taillights. You always were a rear end man.

  4. Lol, yeah milk that princess Mary thing…(since she’s married to a Danish prince I’m afraid it wont do much good…)
    Sent you an email with a map and some hotells.

  5. hi Swade, I’ve only stayed at one hotel and that was the nordicsea, it’s right next to the station and is where the ice bar is. not long now.

  6. I am in Sweden frequently (live in Germany, but read your page often, as you often seem to be ahead with new information) and have used the when I did not stay with friends in Stockholm. It´s a very unique hotel, as it is the former private yacht of Barbara Hutton. The rooms are small but clean and very original (actual ship cabins), breakfast is included, and it is reasonably priced for Stockholm standard. Located just a few steps from Gamla Stan subway station.

    Stockholm is great. In my humble opinion the most beautiful capital in the world – a city built on 14 islands. I have spent my vacation in the archipelago since 1973 every year and even worked in Stockholm for a summer in the late 80s. Enjoy your time there! I´ll be back in August…

  7. Saabologist has it right.

    I can’t sleep on airplanes much so I simply stay awake until a ‘reasonable’ night hour when I arrive. If I arrive in the morning or afternoon, I simply stay awake until 8 or 9 pm and crash. This usually guarantees a full night’s sleep on the new time and I’m good to roll. If you arrive in the evening, then simply go straight to bed.

    As for Sweden, I’ve never been. However, I suggest the following beer tasting while there:

    Here is a more comprehensive list:

    Finally, lay off the Aquavit. Not good.

    Perhaps the Swedes among us will chime in?

  8. Try this. Hostels in sweden are not bad, and sthlm is not a big placee. Af schapman at the top of the list is in stockholm, and maybe a few others too

    This is 30 min walk from the train station, but stockholm has exelent subway / busses / streetcars (

    Dont know what your budget is, and this is different.

    Have fun

  9. Where to stay in Stockholm? Well there are a lot to choose from and I don’t live that far north. is a nice site with most of the hotels in Stockholm (and other cities). Ranking, pricing and location and so. I used it for may stay in Helsinki last year, worked like a charm.

    Eggsngrits: You are so wrong about Aquavit. You must try it. That and vodka, but that has probably already come down under.

    To get rid of jetlag there is only one thing to do. When you enter the plan set the clock to same as your destination. If it is in the middle of the night. Then take a nap…

    If you for some reason ends up in Scania (Swedish Skåne), southern part of Sweden I can help you with tips and so on.

  10. Swade, be careful because Stockholm is the arse of Sweden. nothing good has ever come out of there.

    people are haughty and they speak terrible english. so be prepared for awkward conversations.
    here’s a few swenglish words that could be useful in your travels.
    SWE – ENG
    fart – speed: dont be supprised if you hear “oh no, its a fartkontroll(speedtrap)”
    smäll (sounds like smell) – bang, crash, slam: “its not the fart that kills you its the smell”. a saying here in sweden worth living your life by.
    leg – ID card: if someone wants to see your leg, spare youreself the embarrasment by rolling up your pants.

    but this should be alright once you get on the train to Trollhättan because the rest of Sweden speaks much better english.

  11. And here I was thinking the occasional reference where I saw “toppfart” mentioned it was a compliment!!

    Thanks all for the tips. Much appreciated.

  12. Hey!
    Don’t forget the “fartkamera”, this is sendeing very strange vibes thought english speaking heads…

  13. I want you to podcast the video of you telling your wife you need to take Viagra for the flight to Sweden, land of statuesque blonde women… for the jet lag! :-O

    I was told to take melatonin
    ( when I flew from L.A. to Japan. So I took them. Don’t think they helped at all though as I woke up three hours after going to sleep in Japan with a horrid migraine (which isn’t really all that unusual though). Could have been all that saki I drank before bed (I don’t drink much, you know…).

    I can’t sleep on planes no matter how hard I try. My head falls forward and wakes me up. Sorry to be of no help whatsoever as usual.

  14. When I was in Stockholm a few years back, I stayed in a Best Western right across from the train station. At that time, a single was about $125 US a night – but then again, that was in December. Even though it was technically a chain, it was a nice place – very cozy, and a great view from the top floor of the train station and the famous City Hall. Don’t know if it’s still a Best Western, but definitely a good place.

  15. I checked that one out last night, Grider. not sure if it was the same one, but it was a BW in Stockholm and appeared to be close to the station. More than $125, but still reasonable.

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