Aero-X: Coming to a mailbox near you!!

I’ve had two emails in the last 90 minutes or so from people saying that they’ve received their 1:43 scale models of the Aero-X.

John at Elkparts may still have a few left, but apparently Saab have sold out.

This one’s from Robbie, in Ireland, though it was Ann who has to be given credit for the great photography. She’s clicked off a few pictures and loaded them up on Flickr. Looks fantastic!


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  1. Yup, mine arrived too, but unfortunately the right mirror was damaged so have to send it back for a replacement.

    EXCELLENT service from Elkparts by the way, they answered my email within minutes 🙂 🙂 Such good customer service is rare in this day and age.

  2. OK If the sell out of the models soo quickly maybe the real thing will sell as quick too? Do ya think? Huh? Built it Saab, get your head back in the game. Look at Viper, Honda2000, Solstice/Sky, Hummer 1-2-3, Ford GT, Corvette Z06, Mercedes 772, BMWZ8 shall I go on…

  3. nice juxtapostion shot.

    (eggsngrits, it’s not “…a model,” it’s _the_ model (of saab models). *wink* i see your point, though.)

    i bought two–one for play, and for keeping my model 9-x company, and the other to defray costs as an investment, once saab gets back on the map with its “next generation,” that, hopefully will owe its allegiance and inspiration to the aero-x! or, …i’ll just keep ’em both and enjoy my overpriced saab “concept collection.”

  4. sg, thanks for the links. i didn’t know there were that many saab scale models. i only have the 9x. i wouldn’t be upset if they made a scale version of 9-3x. that’s in my top 3 of saab concepts.

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