Another Modball Saab

Joining Team Saab Club in the Modball Rally next month will be a team from Neo Bros, a part supplier in the UK.

Neo Bros will be driving a MY2000 Saab 9-3. Last year they participated in an event called Euro Enduro….

This car took part in the 2006 Euro Enduro competition and more information can be found on the website The events involved a 7-day drive across Europe going from the UK to France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and then back through France to the UK, stopping off at the Nurburgring track in Germany and the Croix track in France.

….and up against Porsches, Audis, Corvettes, BMWs, Mercs and the like, they actually pulled off a great win in their Saab!! Their diary of the event is here and it makes from some pretty interesting reading:

We set off from the hotel in Ashford and made our way done to Dover. We were advised that French police were aware of our event and were at Calais, so we made a decision and arrived at Dunkerque to miss the police.

Interesting stuff, to say the least. There’s a €900 fine and a year’s driving ban in there too for those who click through.


All that was back when their 9-3 was tuned to around 320hp.

This year, they’ve done some additional work on the car and it’s now sitting at around 420hp with around 550Nm of torque!

Here’s the mods list:

Make and Model:
Saab 9-3

2000 V


Engine Size:
2290cc Turbo

-Maptun Software
-3″ Downpipe for GTBB turbocharger
-Cat back exhaust system
-Tubular equal length exhaust manifold
-UpratedWater/Oil lines
-Inlet pipe GTBB
-Performance Conical Air filter
-Performance Camshafts
-Uprated Pressure plate
-Uprated Clutch disc
-Uprated Aluminum Intercooler
-Uprated Fuel injectors
-Uprated Fuel pump
-Uprated MAP sensor
-Uprated GTBB 30 Turbocharger
-Uprated Cooling Fan
-Nitro Methanol Single Point Water Injection
-Silicone Hoses
-Bailey Dump Valve
-Data Logging System
-Custom Twin Oil Coolers
-Thermotech Manifold Copper Heat Wrap

-Seam Welded Chassis
-Poly Bushes
-Rose Joint Suspension Bushes
-Custom Spider Chassis Brace
-Alluminium Bulkhead Brace

-Adjustable Front/Rear Shock Absorbers
-Abbott Racing Springs

-355mm Grooved and Vented Floating Front Discs
-330mm Grooved and Vented Floating Rear Discs
-6 pot front discs
-4 pot rear discs
-Competition Brake Pads
-Braided Stainless Steel Hoses

-18” Magnesium BBS Alloys

-5 door Aero Leather interior
-Aero Steering Wheel

-Xenon Headlights
-Xenon Foglights
-Airflow Bodykit

Total Power: 420BHP
Torque: 550Nm@6200rpm
Max Speed: ???MPH

This Modball gig is going to be an interesting one to watch. It gets underway on June 10 (otherwise known as MY08 Saab 9-3 Day) and continues through June 16th.

Good luck to both ModBall Saab teams. Travel safe.

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  1. What these guys are doing is just plain stupid and IMHO you shouldn’t give them a platform on your site. It is so un-Saab to *race* on public roads. [btw,

    And they must have been fast, since they drove from Brussels to the Nürburgring and didn’t even notice that they drove through Luxembourg… I know it’s really small but you cannot miss the difference in road quality 😉

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