Another new model coming…

It’s not another real model coming, but for the Saab scale model collectors out there it’s another chance to add to your collection.

There’s been a few new scale models coming out recently. The Aero-X has sold like crazy and Nicolaas reports in comments that the Saab USA site’s sales ticker went down from 273 to 202 units left between May 24 and 26.

There’s also the UrSaab 1:43 model, coming in early June to commemorate the 60th Anniversary. I believe it’s the first 1:43 model of UrSaab to come from Saab and apparently it’s a limited edition.

The latest one to come along is a silver 1:43 scale Saab 9-7x. This one’s also due in stock at Elkparts early in June. The pic below isn’t the model itself, but hey – it’s silver.


Once again, you can preorder your 1:43 scale model 9-7x at Elkparts and your credit card won’t be charged until it’s ready to ship.


And speaking of collections, I finally managed to add this to mine over the weekend.

Thanks a bunch to Robbie for the heads-up on it.


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  1. Congrats! Too bad it was not an actual 1978 SAAB 900 turbo… This was the first SAAB I experienced. I had a girlfriend in the 5th grade. Her dad had truck and a red 1975 Jensen Healy in the garage while her mom had a brand new bright met. green 900 turbo with the Inca wheels. I loved going to school since her mom took us in it. What an amazing car.

  2. Hi,

    I have just received my Saab 9-7X model from Japan. I took a chance and hey, it was worth it. 6880 Yen, which is about $56.50 (including shipment). I had great email communication. I am posting the link to the page that is no longer, as it states that they are out of stock. I can’t wait for the silver model. It even has a fifth wheel underneath, as does the real 9-7X.

    Does anyone know other great sites for reasonable Saab die-cast models out there? Any country is fine with me.

    Thanks, Nicolaas

    (ps. The Aero X is (again) available on the Euro/Asia/Australia/Canada Expressions site of Saab International for $51.25 without shipping) The USA site is definitely cheaper.)

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