April Site Stats

It’s May 1st here in Oz, which means that Saab entities from around the world will be reporting their April sales stats in the next few days – and it also means its time for me to let loose with Trollhattan Saab site stats as well.

I’ve started doing this in 2007 to let Saab know that there’s a fair bit of mileage to be had from this whole blogging-slash-internet business and with one of the strongest internet communities out there viewing a number of quality Saab blogs and forums, they’re getting some widespread coverage.

Here’s the graph for April:


The site averaged 7,171 page views per day, which were served to an average of 4,506 unique users per day.

Here’s the map:


Thanks for coming.

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  1. May 1 is a holiday in Sweden, so probably no numbers at bilsweden.se until Wednesday.

    Still intrigued that number for this site go down on weekends…

  2. This is mildly map-related but mostly off topic. Worth noting, nonetheless.

    I met a girl the other day who fancied my car. (Ha. But that’s not where I am going with this.) She has always been a fan of Saabs, even having grown up in Guam of all places. (Her dad imported a couple 900s when she was a kid.) I was amazed to see the reach of my favorite Swedish brand, and the dots in western Pacific reminded me of that.

  3. I’m a regular reader from Houston and I love seeing the Texas gulf coast dots on your readership map. Texas SAABers represent!

  4. I’m obviously not the only one from bangkok that posts here, so its great to see a dot there and also from hong kong and singapore šŸ™‚

  5. Better late than never- I want to echo my thought with that of ctm.

    I’m from the states and reside here but also lived in Argentina (one of the large countries in South America). It’s a shame there’s no Saab presence there. There was a BMW dealership that had a Saab-Scania sign outside, for the Scania trucks they sold. But then again, that was as of 2003 and they still had it up…how sad.

    Too many BMWs in Argentina (even rural parts!), not nearly enough Saabs…they need to get in there ASAP.

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