Aussie Saab sales – April 2007

So far, 2007 is shaping up as a decent year for Saab here in Australia.

Saab sold 100 vehicles here in Australia during April, a slight rise on the 96 vehicles sold in the same month last year.

So far in 2007, Saab Oz have sold 624 vehicles, a 15% increase over the 541 sold from January to April last year. That increase in the year-to-date figure is mostly due to a big increase in March, when the new Diesel model was promoted heavily with a $3,000 fuel incentive.

In the months to come, Saab have some big monthly figures to attain as they embark on their traditional Midsommar sales promotion. This will provide the real litmus test to see if they’re going to get that 2,000 – 2,200 figure that I’m quite sure is pinned on a notice board there at Saab HQ in Melbourne.

Congratulations, Saab Oz!!

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  1. …And due to the release of the new Black Turbo and updated 9-3 generation, another huge promotion to sell off as much of the current stock should entice more buyers. If they do not carry on doing this kinds of smart promotions, the sales fill flounder !!! BTW, when are we likely to see the new 9-3 MY08 released locally ???

  2. I´ve got nothing new really to point out, but one thing I´m wondering is that present version has different front spoiler lip for Aero and other models. So how it will be in a future? Are we now looking only the aero front, because it seems that the lip only cannot make big difference anymore. I hope all the versions will get this bumper with lower grille as we´ve seen on the pictures.
    I´m still a bit suspicious about the led lights? Is there really such hidden under the mask, or is it just chrome line as it seems to be on those convertible shots? Anyway, the more I look to those pics the more I like the new front. It´s not too much different from the previous ones, especially 9-5 ´05. The hood looks also good, except the “old” opening line. If the hood will open now wider, I don´t understand why there´s the old line still visible. I hope that there´s still something more to show us when we see the real version.

    About the other post of one 4wd registered to Germany. I´d be more supprised if Saab had not tested 4wd version for a longer time. Like more than a year, or so. I believe that “mules” with ´06 or ´07 look has been running around for a while already. Hopefully we´ll see a really good decent 4wd system, not only a mar-keting trick or some poor unreliable system.

    I guess this facelift is quite important to saab, because 9-5 is getting older and selling less all the time. There´s still some years for the 9-3 to keep up with others.

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