AWD Saabs in Germany

An interesting find at SaabFreund, with a tip posted to me by Rayman.

Click the following to enlarge and take a look at these German registration stats for March 2007:


That highlighted word you see means “all-wheel drive”.

So what we’ve got here is 10 new 9-7x registrations in March…..and an AWD 9-3 registered in March!

As mentioned a few days ago, there’s some MY08 cars dressed up as MY07s doing the rounds for vehicle testing but maybe that’s been happening for longer than we thought.


Also, I wonder what those other cars are. Under the 9-3, 9-5 and 9-7x lines there’s one titled ‘Sonstige’ – meaning ‘other one’. My first thought was that they might be private 9-2x imports, but they’d be noted in the AWD column, right?


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  1. very interesting. I like all those 9-7x sales. for a USA/Canada only model they seam to be popping up every where

  2. Nice to see some increase in the sales of the 9-3. Even thou 350 cars are not much in a country like germany, its a good increase compared to march.

    50 units of the 9-5. Guess competition is rather high, but still.

    Could it be a 9-7 that has been wrong in the statistics?

  3. we are talking german KBA to make the stats… i wonder if these guys ever fail 😉 may be its a black turbo! den wollen wir haben Saab Ken, ne =) ?

  4. So the 9-7s are grey-market imports? First, I can’t imagine why anyone would want one in Germany (nothing against the 9-7x, but by the time it’s imported over there, I bet there are better buys). Second, I am surprised they would show up as “official” Saab sales in that document.

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