Bye, Andy….:-(

900 owner, clown, pastor, installer of plaid interiors and novelty hood badges, re-mixer of Release Me (now with 65,000 views).

There are many strings to Andy Rupert’s bow.

Sadly, one of those has now been removed, with Andy selling his beloved 900 Turbo as it was getting too small to fit his three growing kids in the back.

Andy’s now looking at getting a late 1980’s Jaguar, to which I have two words of warning:

1) They’re not as big as you think inside.

2) Make sure you buy two of ’em.

(ok, I know that’s more than two words…..but you know what I mean).

Andy, congratulations on a satisfactory sale. I hope you stick around. It’d be good for you to stay up to date as I’ve got a feeling you’ll be back into Saab ownership sooner rather than later. It’s infectious, you know.

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  1. A friend of mine from Scotland has an XJS V12 -85…….. out in the garague… He hasn´t got the money to keep up with all of the faults I´m afraid.
    Ooooh, It´s a BEAUTIFUL car… but not that.. hmmmm reliable…

    BUT as I said. IT´s BEAUTIFUL anyways!!!


  2. Pleeeaaase Andy! Get a 9000 or a 9-5! (9000 has the biggest legromm in the back) It will hold your family no problem!


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