Canadian Saab sales – April 07

Canadian Saab sales data is in for April 2007 and it’s…….mixed news.

First the good news:

Saab Canada sold 197 new vehicles during April 2007, which represents an increase of 2.6% on the 192 vehicles sold in April last year. Any gain is a good thing so congratulations Saab Canada.


The light vehicle market increased 9% for the month, and the only brand that Saab outsold in Canada during April was Jaguar.

Click to enlarge and take a peek:


There ain’t no quick fixes here. It’s another example of Saab’s small model range, combined with an undersized dealer network.

For example: When I think of myself as Canadian (which is more often than you think these days even if it’s inaccurate) I think of myself as Western Canadian. My wife’s family reside in Vancouver and were we to move there one day then I’d have a grand total of ONE Saab dealership to visit.

Vancouver’s a pretty spread out place. One dealership in Richmond just ain’t enough. If I’m living in PoCo or Maple Ridge then I’m making a real commitment just to get there. If I’m all the way out in Abbotsford then I almost need to plan for an overnighter.

Things are a bit better in Toronto, with 5 dealerhips listed, which is good to see.

But there’s little doubt that SaabCa could do with a few injections – models, marketing and dealers.


And Saab Canada, if you think I’m riding you a little hard here, let me compensate by passing on my compliments for a very attractive website. Kudos to you.


Thanks to cj for the stats.

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  1. Swade, if you lived in Abbotsford you’d probably own a minivan to take you and your family to church on Sunday – not a Saab.

  2. I think the Abbotsford families drive Ford EconoVans that seat 9, don’t they ? 😉

    Swade, rumor has it plans are underway for a 2nd Saab dealership in the lower mainland. I’ve heard this from several, independent sources. Quite likely it’d be either a Carter or Pattison franchise, but not Morrey (they closed out the one in Burnaby recently, and switched the North Vancouver one from Saab to Mazda awhile back).

    Here’s to hoping !! Will keep you posted.

  3. Same story here in Ottawa. There is only one dealer for a population of over 1 million. The dealer just moved outside of town, so you can count on spending over an hour getting there and back during rush hour (more if there’s a hockey game on).
    I am sure that this alone keeps many potential customers from even considering a Saab.

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