Did the Aero-X get a re-fit?

This was the Aero-X at the Sydney Motor Show back in 2006:


As you can see, the centre console area was a distinct shade of green. It shows vaguely in this shot, but it was also quite foggy and to be honest, looked a little second-hand. Great design and idea, but the materials used probably didn’t have the longevity they envisaged at first.

It was intended to represent glass, but having sat in the car and looked at it closely it was more like a perspex type substance. It looked sensational, but just a little tired.

The Aero-X has recently been in Singapore, and I have a feeling that these photos from Flickr may have come from that event.

Go have a look at them all at the link above (I could look at the Aero-X all day) but the one that really caught my eye was this one, with a MUCH clearer looking centre console area in the car.


I have no advice that the Aero-X has actually had a re-fit, but I’m quite sure that’s not a photographic effect.

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  1. The Car was in Leipzig (Germany) a couple of weeks before it was in Singapore, and there i have seen the shades too… so if it had a re-fit, they must have done it in between 3 or 4 days…

  2. I think it’s just the angle and lighting. In the top picture you’re looking through the stuff at an angle, in bright light, so you’re getting a lot of color. In the bottom picture there seem to be less light and you’re looking at it perpendicular, the narrowest effective thickness.

  3. 1. ItΒ΄s the same but another angle and lighting
    2. The original one had become scratched and ugly
    3. They are trying out something for the NG9-5?



  4. I would suggest that it changes color and opacity at different angles, but I know Swade (and some other regulars here…but not me -_-) have sat in the car and I’m pretty sure no one mentioned anything like this.

  5. The Aero-X was in S’pore. But the pics shown were taken in Taiwan, after the S’pore stop.

    Way to go, Saab!

  6. The Aero X has seen a lot of action for a concept car and it is getting a bit worn. It was in Amsterdam, Leipzig in Germany, Villa d’Este in Italy and in Hong Kong, Singapore and now in Taiwan.

  7. I guess it’s a lightning thing. Maybe in Taiwan the model is a bit fresher. The are at least 4 Aero-X going around in the world as I know from the Saab Truck-Driver when the Aero-X was presented at my dealers location.

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