Feeding the natives – and welcome!

As mentioned yesterday, I’m entertaining some family this weekend – my nephew Andrew and his far more significant other, Kirsten. Here’s what we did:


Ah, Australia. One of the few countries in the world where we eat the animals on our coat of arms.

And Kirsten out-Emuing the Emu….



And on more not-quite-but-closer-to-Saab-related stuff, here’s the visitor map for the last 100 or so visitors…..

I’ve never noted visitors from Saudi Arabia or India before – welcome!


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  1. Off-topic-question… What’s the green stuff in Canada and Alaska on the Google map? Non-Saab zones? 🙂

  2. That should be national parks (curently only in US & Canada) and somehow the ones on Canada & Alaska are big enought to sse on this zoom level. And other way around hopefully in future they should be Saab-BioPower-only (and alikes) zones 😀

    Swade: when we are talking about zoom level, would it be possible to have a blowup for Europe. Its really crowded there and I want to see a pin in my area 😀

  3. Thanks, papluh! 🙂

    I wonder how those systems decide the locations. For example, many big internet providers in Sweden has always used .com-domains instead of .se-domains.

  4. Yeah, it does seem to be missing a few places in America. The monthly hits maps always show Portland. I guess it’s just because it’s zoomed out so far.

  5. Don’t worry Nevin… I took our Florida sticker with me to Chicago 😛 … too bad the Navy limits my computer access 🙁

  6. The map comes from a stats package that only shows the location of the last 100 visitors to the site.

    i.e. when I hit the button to produce it, these were the locations from where the last 100 pages were loaded. So it’s by no means totally representative.

  7. ctm: I’m not 100% sure how this system here works, but I can say how its usually done.
    More important then the domain name is the public IP address/range, its paired to.
    Each request in internet has to have starting public IP address (a unique address in Internet) – this can be the one of yours computer, but more probable it is the address of your companys or ISPs internet gateway.
    The webserver can see the IP and (if present) hostname (computer+domain) of each request. Lets say you would be using the gateway of swedish ISP “IP-only” (for simplicity reasons i’ll use webserver name instead of gateway server or specific PC – which i don’t know 🙂 ) named http://www.ip-only.net with address
    With this information you can do a lookup for owner of this address:
    And you will see the location as written in register by the owner.
    If you would like to see the how the domain translates to IP you can use name lookup

    dnsstuff.com is just a site that put some of these tools together, but is sometimes banned for automatization, so might not work

  8. Hello – I’m your visitor from India. My Dad sent me the link as I’ll be looking forward to ordering a new Saab when I get home in a couple of years (my 9-3 Vector Sport TiD 150 went back when I left). My Dad doesn’t like the new front end – I think it looked OK in silver, but then there are those tail lights… Maybe I can get the front half painted silver and the back end painted black?

    But those spy shots are too easy. Maybe SAAB have just reversed that Aero up to the fence to keep us guessing before we see the real thing in a few weeks’ time.

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