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I’m prompted here by Autoblog’s entry on the latest MY08 9-3 photo, where they’ve written the following:

The interpretation of the Aero X face on the 9-3 looks a bit exaggerated, almost like a charicature of the concept, but the car looks better in these images than any others we’ve seen. The matte black grille set against the gun metal gray paint minimizes the sense of exaggeration, and the car looks significantly more aggressive than the current model.

There’s a little bit of misinterpretation there and someone has provided the correction already in comments to the article. The matt black around the grille is tape, of course, as we’ve seen on other pictures.

But their comments about it do raise an interesting question: Would anyone like to see a black grille option on the car? Maybe black chrome? What about brushed aluminium rather than chrome?

Same with the inner air dams at the bottom.

How about the carbon leather dash kit from Hirsch? Should that be standard equipment on the upper level model(s)?

Someone mentioned alpaca alcantara seats in comments to the original shots. How about that?


As we’re already seeing during mod month here, people will eventually end up doing up many of the things that they see as shortcomings in the car (like the suspension in the OG 9-3). But wouldn’t it be great if some of those common shortcomings could be overcome straight out of the factory?

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  1. There should be two grille options on the 3-port grille.

    1) Standard is with chrome trim on each of the 3-ports that is currently taped.

    2) Option & Accessory is that the trim remains black as shown in the spy photographs.

  2. It’s a little late for MY08 wishlist, because all the features are already implemented.

    If you want to make a wishlist, make it for MY10 or even later, then they may happen.

    Br, teager

  3. Point taken, teager.

    I guess if I was writing this post in 2 months time I’d say “What do you wish they’d made available on the 9-3?”

    But it’s hard to write in the past tense about a car that hasn’t been released yet.

    My head hurts….

  4. Too much beer with the football? 🙂

    If a car has a special grille, it should only be available for a special high-spec model. Otherwise you loose the market value.

  5. Well Saab did do the pearl black grill in the past, so I wouldn’t think its out of the question to do something similar for the new 9-3. I think the chrome would look fantastic but I wouldn’t mind seeing a black chrome version as well…mmm..

  6. Alcantara would be a nice option.

    And you already know my thoughts regarding the carbon leather dash, it SHOULD be standard on the Aero models at least, perhaps on the Vector Sport too? And an optional extra on other models.

    Other things I’d like to see in the future.

    1) A HUD! For a company so heavily linked with aircraft, it’s a travesty that this still hasn’t featured in the current lineup!

    2) Standard XWD on anything over 220bhp.

    3) No Cost option to close the hood with the key fob when comfort opening option is selected (this would be soooooo useful!)

    4) A sport button that lets all hell break loose with the exhaust note 🙂 🙂 🙂

    5) Erm, I may get flamed for this, but I would LOVE for a smaller steering wheel. The current one is like a ships wheel. For the Sporty models the steering wheel should be smaller.

  7. Black chrome grille option: YES. I’d like that. Especially on dark cars.

    You’ve gotta love Autoblog, huh?


  8. Kaz, No flaming, but it amuses me that I’m probably the only one longing for a 17 inch (432 mm) wood steering wheel;-)

  9. My wish list is….

    9-3 Black “Viggen” or maybe “Dragon” with….

    *Pricetag….. 65000 USD
    *2,8 liter V6 high rev Bi-turbo 350bhp (98RON) and 400bhp E85
    *Sex speed seq gearbox
    *A M3 Ass-slapper
    *A RS4 equivalent ass-slapper
    *A definitive Vålvå R Rear end ******
    *Aluminium or carbon roof
    * Carbon fibre bonnet and trunk lid
    *The best breaks GM could find to fit on a Corvette… but NOW on a Saab. RACING style. 16 caliper style!!!
    *20 inch MAG rims
    *Racing seats in carbon(but with exposed Head retraint)
    *Carbon Wing
    *Only 300 produced cars of this kind produced…
    and this……………………………..TO GET PEOPLES ATTENTION GENERAL!!!!!!!!! And for the shear fun of it! HEHE!!! Wooohaaa!

    My god, Let people knoe Saab is out there!
    Lets woop some ass girls and boys!!!!!

    I do think that GM should stop showing tricked out rides for Saab only on exhibits. Lets get down on it now!

    I think it´s HIGH time time to show that SAAB is a player!!! Don´t you???

    Get the wheels rolin´. Get those wheels spinning. GET IT ON!!!!!!!!! Yeeehaaaa!!!!

  10. OMG please tell me the post above me is a joke….

    In all seriousness – here are a few items:

    1.) Bluetooth, bluetooth, bluetooth.
    2.) No Onstar requirement for Nav.
    3.) Full iPod integration & USB port
    4.) 5 spoke option on 2.0T.
    5.) Signal lights on side mirrors (I might be alone on this one)
    6.) Optional Hirsch upgrades from the dealer (in the USA)
    7.) Aero version with the 2.0T for all of us long-commuters.
    8.) Integrated Bluetooth, bluetooth, bluetooth as standard.

  11. JOEMAMA… Why would that be a joke????

    Saab has got to have a NEW Viggen…. But much MORE than that to compete and make a stand! Don´t know wich world you live in but….

    I live in Europe. Doo you?? It´s a different ballgame here. Every player in the market here has a high powered model. And in the sub luxury line up Saab is the only one without a real contender!!!

    Volvo developed there R series to compete with the Audi RS, BMW 3-series and Merc AMG´s. Sooo why the heck sholdn´t SAAB come up with a killer???? (And be much better than the Volvo, Audis and BM´s

    Grow up man and face reality. (BMW without the M3 or M5… Think not.)

    My lord what ignorance….

  12. I agree with joemama on #2, why should I be stuck with On-Star if I want navigation… Anyway, I will be happy with:

    -300hp+ (0-60/0-100 in the mid 5 second range)

    -More exotic interior (unlike the boring 2007 Cadillac interior)

    -It now has the looks (MY2008) make sure it has the power and handling.

    I am speaking of the Sportcombi specifically, sedans and convertibles don’t float my boat.

  13. Tompa, please don’t take offense – no flame intended…I thought it was a sarcastic post, that’s all. But you have to admit the what you are hoping for are things that are not really Saab-esque, but maybe WRX or Civic-modified. Let’s see…..where to start:

    “*Aluminium or carbon roof
    * Carbon fibre bonnet and trunk lid
    *20 inch MAG rims
    *Racing seats in carbon(but with exposed Head retraint)
    *Carbon Wing”


    “Lets woop some ass girls and boys!!!!!”


    “Get the wheels rolin´. Get those wheels spinning. GET IT ON!!!!!!!!! Yeeehaaaa!!!!”

    While I agree with you Saab does need more as far as models to compete, maybe I just read your post wrong. If they do make a high-end R/RS/AMG competitor, I’d hope it would be style, not gimmicks you would expect to find in a Scion.

    Or maybe I’m too old….

  14. ok, Tompa while u are at it why not make those 20′ rims in magnesium or maybe carbon materieal. and a pricetag around 10000 USD/each.

    oh, by the way im NOT serious.

  15. Yeah, I mean, I was just thinking how much Saab needs to put wings on their upscale sport sedans.

    Dude, tompa, seriously, those ideas would fit nicely on some wigger’s torqueless “ALL MOTOR, DUH-HURR!” ricer, but not on an UNDERSTATED (it’s ironic that that word is in all caps) Swedish car. Sure, every major player has a hipo model, but see, those cars are usually actually high powered and don’t need cheesy-ass carbon graphite crap bolted onto their car to prove it. Saabs have always been sleeper cars…they’re sporty as hell, but you wouldn’t know it from the outside. Slapping 20″ wheels and a super-duper safe carbon roof kind of flies in the face of that. I do like the idea that only 300 of these monsters would be made, though…though maybe that number should be about 300 less.

    Anyway…Black chrome is a great idea, I love black chrome. Two tone leather is wonderful, with colored stitching possibly…nice wood trim is great…I’d also like to see the return of Saab’s goofy wheels, but that won’t happen.

    Also, a twin turbo V8 that gets 35 mpg and 600 ft-lbs of torque and 500 hp at 1000 – 7000 rpm. That would be a badass option. :p

  16. Volvo have now dropped their ‘R’ badge. Too many poor sales from under performing vehicles. The S60R was just not good enough and killed the ‘R’ image.

    If Saab launch a high performance moniker, then it NEEDS to be good. I think it would succeed more than a Volvo performance brand as the words Volvo and Performance really do not go well together.

    Girl in bar: “So, what do you drive then?”

    Guy in bar: “I drive a Volvo, but a fast one”

    Girl runs away due to the guy being some sort of psycho with a wagon/estate containing an axe.

    Fast Volvo? Shyeah right.

    Saab has the kudos to pull it off, but it’s slowly running out of it.

    When I had a 9-3 convertible last year, I was driving through central London when a taxi cab pulled up beside me. The passengers in the cab were three American girly girlies, you know the type, rich, rich and errr, rich. It may have been the lime green yellow colour of the car, but it caught their attention.

    Girl 1: “What car is that?”

    Girl 2: “I think it’s a Mercedes”

    Girl 3: “No, it’s one of those Saabs.”

    Girl 1: “Saab? Cool, do we get them in America?”

    Girl 3: “Ya, you like it?”

    Girl 1: “Yes. Daddy said he was going to get me a new car, this one is hot.”

    I could hear the rest of the conversation as the lights changed, but they loved the Saab soft top, even comparing it to the presence of a Merc, so we have the design, and I believe the Saab identity has enough to pull off an extreme badge. Be it Viggen or a new ‘Black’ range.

  17. i would like to see some highperformance versions of every model. 9-5 Gripen 9-3 Viggen, 9-1 Draken. those of you who know saab know these are names of old saabplanes (except Viggen and Gripen, which still are in duty) yet another BFJ gimmick. not sure what to call the 9-4, perhaps Tunnan!

    I want:
    XWD on all.
    Saabs new E100 biopower engines.
    *2.2ltr V4 330Hp in the Draken (yes, bring back the V4)
    *2.6ltr V6 390Hp Viggen
    *3.0ltr V8 450Hp Gripen
    Turbocharged obviously Bi-Turbo for maximum grunt.
    twinpipes in the back or, side pipes ala Mclaren.
    Flared wheelarches and big rims 18′ or 19′ bigger isnt necessary.
    Carbon instead of chrome on the front

    yum yum. i will never be able to afford one but i can still dream.

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