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Some worldwide sales data:

In April, Saab sold 9,792 vehicles, which was a 9% fall from April 2006.

In year-to-date stats, Saab are down 10% from January-April.

According to Saab Automobile:
Most of the loss for the month (about 800 vehicles) came from the unstable U.S. market. Sales in Europe about the same as last year, and countries like Spain, Italy, France and Greece are all up.

Saab Automobile project sales for 2007 of about 133,000 vehicles.

Thanks ctm!


Today was so overwhelming with the latest MY08 photo that the previous night’s post hasn’t been followed up.

It’s called Saab and the USA and there’s some very good comments in there. Due to my football team getting their butt kicked in the last few hours I’m in too bad a mood to address them responsibly, but it’s well worth a look.


Team Sandodgers have finally sold their Saab 99 Turbo.

The ran this car from Plymouth in the UK to Banjul in Gambia with the hope of raising £10,000 for charity. By the end of the project they raised a whopping £17,064.

The little 99 didn’t contribute a whole lot of that, though. It sold for around £100 – thought the price sounds much more impressive when you say it sold for 6,000 Gambian Dalesi.



News in that the Goodwood Festival of Speed will feature a Saab 96 in the historic rally section.

Stig Blomqvist will also be there. Hopefully he’ll be in the 96, though the article doesn’t say.

The GFOS is on from June 22 to 24. If only I could stretch my Sweden trip out a few more weeks.


These were sent in by ‘Cam’ and were originally posted as something that looks like a little design competition held over at Cheers n Gears last year.

Here’s two, with three more at the link.




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  1. 100UK? Shot, those Incas are worth more than that! I guess that you would have to discount for the fact that they’re in Gambia and would require a butt load of shipping to get anywhere else.

  2. I really like that Aero Y hatch concept.

    Ever since I bought my Viggen, I have been dreaming of how great a 2008 version would be, both aesthetically and technologically.

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