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More 9-2x owners are identifying themselves. This is Toshi:

I too am an owner of 9-2x Aero. So I thought I drop a line. Purchased it for the value and the reliability. So far so good. We also have have a 9-3 SportCombi Aero, which I guess makes use pseudo Saab family as well.


Mag-X in comments:

I went to my college graduation last night. I was wearing my Trollhattan Saab shirt under my gown. 🙂

Gold star for Mag-X!! And congratulations on the graduation.


From Brian W:

I discovered your site only a few weeks ago, and I must say I read it much too often while at work.

That’s OK Brian. I spend too much time writing it at work 8-0

I have to start off by saying I am the proud owner of a ’97 Saab 900S 2 door HATCHBACK (bring back the hatch!) and I love it. I have also looked into getting a new ’07 9-3 2.0T and must say I love that as well, it was by far a better a better drive than the (base) A4 I testdrove, along with the Mazda 6, Acura TSX, Accord V6 and the Volvo s40 (not the T5, but whatever the normal 5speed model is). Although the drive was superb, the handling and “heavy, I’m driving a real machine” feeling was better than all the other vehicles, the interior was by far not up to par.

I must say that the sales guy was nearly red in the face after I repeatedly hit the phone button and navigated the phone menu only to be told that it was disabled and not possible to turn on… what are they thinking?? If saab wants to be competitive they need to first upgrade their interior (and that means having something that is not identical to their flagship 9-5, only in ’07 models of course) and enable new technological advances that other cars contain standard, such as bluetooth on the TSX.

I think interiors are going to be recurring theme around here when we’re not talking about how darn good they are to actually drive.


From John K:

I hail over in the US from the New Jersey Shore. I have been a Saab enthusiast for about 20 years and I am a prior owner of a 1985 900 Turbo SPG. I’m sorry to say that I don’t currently have a Saab but I am in the market for a new one but I’m waiting for the new models to arrive in 2008.

Memo to Saab – I think there’s probably a heck of a lot of people like John out there. Build the right car and they will come. I’ll try to keep entertained in between times, but build it, OK?


Here’s a wallpaper from Kimo, sized to suit screens up to 20″. Click to enlarge.


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  1. I have a 9-2X and I have mixed feelings about it. Its no where near as good in terms of comfort to our 9-3 SportCombi, which has plenty of torque and cruises in traffic and on the highway nice and quiet. The 9-2X on the otherhand is very noisy and tiring to drive in stop go traffic. Its main advantage is that its agressive stance is sometimes the only reason I can get out of our development in the morning rushhour, and its rock solid reliability. Both cars to have great handling but I think we would have been happier with a Mazada 3 instead of the 9-2X.

  2. Thanks for congratulating me on my graduation. Now I just need to find a new (and better paying) job in my field of education. The first thing on my list to purchase is a 9000 CSE (or Aero) or first generation 9-3.

    I could probably afford an early model 9-5, but there is no hatch back model, so I’d have to get one hell of a deal.

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