Gamers! Saab’s up!

How many video games have Saabs in them?

I know of Forza and I’ve heard of one other.

I got an email from Chris V drawing attention to a new rally driving game called DIRT, and as you’ll see below, the OG 9-3 does some nice work in the grubby stuff.

Make Per Eklund proud, it should.


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  1. I’ve never seen Eklund race (except for Pike’s Peak video). Is that backfiring normal?

    I like how there’s a little turbo meter superimposed on the tach. Useless, but cool. I don’t know how the heck someoene could keep an eye on the tach to make sure they shift just before redline while driving in this game. I’m assuming it’s done purely off sound and that the tach is just on the screen to look cool.

    Still it looks like fun. Nice to see the SAAB included. If SAAB gets into more motorsport maybe we’ll see them in more games. Can’t wait for the 24 Hours of Lemons game! 😉

  2. Well, it´s a portuguese driver, it´s not per eklund

    Per eklund is a rallycross driver too, but he drives a 9-3ss

  3. You can race the 95 ss Aero in a ps2 game called Enthusia however the exterior trim is exactly the same as an Linear…though you get the Aero engine ofcourse =)

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