Huge Barn Find

This isn’t a recent thing as far as I know, but I was prompted to look it up again after posting the Saab Sonett II earlier today.

That Saab Sonett was found by the seller when he purchased a storage unit at auction. Imagine buying one of these and finding that beautiful red Sonett inside!

I don’t know how many of these things happen by surprise, but it’d quite amazing if you purchased this property, cut open the rusted doors and found these:


Hit that link above the photo to get a look through the inventory, but here’s some of the dust-covered beauties you’ll find there:










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  1. What a wonderful find, the collective value of those cars must be immense!

    Great stuff! Some awesome classics in there!!

  2. There are more than just Alfa’s in there.

    I believe there was a classic Porsche 959, a Lotus 7, a gen one mini and many other makes.

    Once restored, those cars will be worth an absolute fortune!

  3. Kaz, I don’t think it was a Porsche 959, those were from the late ’80s.

    Anyway, Swade, I know you have a soft spot for Alfas, and I kinda liked your alfa blog when you were doing that. That said, I would like a 1971 Alfa GTV someday. Beautiful cars. My dad’s have three GTVs.


  4. This is in Portugal: the quantity and quality of the cars is impressive, and there are many exotics in that lot.

    The guy just felt it would be a good ideia to buy all those cars throught the 70’s, close them in a warehouse, and sell them a few decades later, when they were considered classics…

    Apparently, someone found the warehouse and took some pictures before the owner felt it was time to bring back those cars to life. 🙂

  5. Sorry, don’t know why I said 959, must have been thinking about it while typing. I believe the Porsche in the warehouse is a 356.

  6. The US magazine “Collector Car Market,” published by old car guru Keith Martin, has an in depth article about this find. I’m guessing it’s in the May issue (although I’m thinking it’s a bimonthly mag?). I forget the details, but Tiago is on the right track. I believe it was a dealer who kept some of his cool trades… and continued to buy more post-war cars. The newest cars are about ’83… including an Alfa GTV6.

    The Giulietta SS is goooorgeous.

  7. This happened about 2 months ago, I think. It made me drool the first time I saw pictures.

    I want that Lotus Super Seven *drools more

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