Mod lovin: 9-5 X-treme

I’ve been hanging out to do this one…..ever since I figured I’d do a mod month I knew this car would be a feature.

This Saab 9-5, named Xtreme, is owned by “Chris 9-5” and he’s one of the Super Moderators at Saab Central. Access to this car is via a little text link on Chris’ Saab Central signature. It’s quite small and easy to miss, but once you click through you’re into a whole new world of Saab customisation – and one of the classiest and best finished jobs I’ve ever seen.

Click here to view the full gallery.


The list of modifications on this 9-5 is extensive. Check it out:

· Over 300 bhp and 415 nm torque
· Nordic Custom Tuned ECU
· Genuine Saab’s huge T7 Turbo Intake Pipe
· Front Mounted Alloy Intercooler
· Forge Dump Valve
· Huge K&N Cone Filter & Custom Splash Guard
· Mitsubishi TD04 Aero Turbo
· Up-rated Fuel Injectors
· Up-rated Fuel Pressure Regulator 3.5 bar
· MP Performance 2.5” Stainless Delivery Pipe
· 3″ Down Pipe, Race Catalytic Converter
· Stainless Steel Custom Rear Silencer
· 3″ Exhaust
· H&R Rear Springs
· Eibach Front Springs
· Aero Uprated Sports Shocks
· Aero Anti Roll Bars
· Wheels · 18″ Twin Steinmetz 5 Spokes
· Yokohama AVS Tyres
· Mitsubishi EVO 8 Brembo Conversion with 323mm Discs and EBC Red Stuff Pads
· Viggen Rear Discs & Pagid Fast Road Brake Pads
· Painted Calipers
· Charcoal Grey Leather Interior
· CD Boot Changer
· Cruise Control
· Blue Interior Lighting
· Wood Steering Wheel
· Wood Auto Selector Lever
· Auto Dimming Mirror
· Interior Blue Neons
· Custom Paint to Sills and Bumpers
· Fully Stainless Steel Meshed Grilles
· Rear Bridge Spoiler
· Xtreme Badges
· Custom Saab Motorsport Decals
· Aero Front Lip Spoiler
· Engine Bay Enhancements
· Stainless Steel DI Cover, Brake fluid Reservoir, Coolant tank & Fuse Box Trim, Lazer Cut Xtreme Engine Cover · Stainless Steel Battery Cover with etched Saab Emblem
· Blue Silicon Vacuum Hoses
· Blue Powder Coated Valve Cover
· Norgren Alloy PCV
· Custom Oil Cap

I’ve reproduced a number of photos here, but to really appreciate the amount of work that’s gone into this car, head on over to Chris’ gallery at SaabCentral.

It really is a beautiful thing.

Rear decor panel. Hadn’t seen one of these for a 9-5 before.


Full timber interior, including shift knob – nice.


And a little interior bling as well. Chris loves his bling.


A little engine bay bling. Custom laser-cut engine cover. But wait there’s more!


More engine bling. It’s not all show, though.


Supreme intake pipe fatness, for example. Too many other bits to show, but hit the link for all the other bits.


Massive 18″ wheels, bigger brakes and painted calipers.

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  1. Still awake here in Sweden even though it´s 2:30 at night.

    Wow, that a real solid 9-5!!! It´s a showcar man. Loving you ride!!! Super sweeeeet!

    But ooh those bucks… It´s gotta have cost ya plenty…


  2. I haven´t heard of any problems with the transmission in the 9-5.
    How is you 9-5 auto dealing with the tourque?

  3. How cool is that 9-5!! A cosmic blue 9-5 would look great in my parking spot right now! Those wheels look F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!

    10/10 🙂

  4. That is my favorite color for the 9-5. It is the color of mine except I have an ’02. This one is a ’99 – ’01 I am guessing.
    I was just wondering what the weight limit was for rims for me to put some 18″ rims on mine.
    Great looking car but, it is wasted on an auto tranny. Too bad!

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